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Superfriends on Film!

Jondee here at the Hall of Doom, As a kid, Superfriends was a legit as any film or tv series, George Reeves was still in re-runs in Adventures of Superman and Adam West was Batman also in re-runs. Some of the comic book villains spilled into Batman, but it was Superfriends that really made you love the […]

The Flash in Comic Books!

Jondee here at Central City, The Flash has crossed into television from the comics. Here are the original appearances of the characters in the show. Also, collections for the hard to find issues.  Showcase #4 (1956), this is the first appearance of the Silver Age Flash, Barry Allen (Grant Gustin). It is also reprinted under […]

Legends of Tomorrow, “Pilot,...

Jondee here in Ivy Town, Norway, 1975, the Waverider finds a meadow to land. Heatwave has a headache from the flight. Hunter has Boardman’s notebook. Gideon has detected a meeting of terrorists. The others walk out distrusting Hunter. Captain Cold, Snart, takes some i.d. from a terrorist. Professor Stein says they are with the Scimitar […]

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow Rev...

Jondee here on the Waverider, London, 2166, The Second Blitz, it’s end of a siege. Vandal Savage (Casper Crump) appears and shoots a woman watching over her son, Jonas. He asks if he is foolish like his father or brave like his mother and shoots the child! The Time Masters meet with our narrator, Captain […]