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Live Action Aladdin Movie!

Jondee here at Agrabah, There actually is already a live action Aladdin movie, it’s called Thief of Bagdad (1940). Note that this film was remade many times (there is a 1924 Douglas Fairbanks film), but it is the Alexander Korda produced film that is a classic. The film covers the adventures of a thief (played […]

Once Upon a Time, “The Savio...

Jondee back here in Storybrooke, It begins with a recap special, “Evil Reigns Once More”, Once is a complicated story so it is great that specials can bring new viewers up to date. The evil Hyde has come from the Land of Untold Stories last season. The opening, “Many years ago…” which goes to the […]

Who Won Comic Con? (Part IV &#...

Jondee here at National City (now relocated to Toronto), Last installment, here are the shows that hit Comic Con and made an impression. Dead of Summer, loving this show, consistently good writing and acting, I don’t know what was revealed at Comic Con. American Gods, I didn’t finish the Neil Gaiman novel, but this is […]