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2016 Superhero Film Wrap-up!

Jondee here at the box office, The box office is winding down for superhero films with an interesting year. The box office numbers are compiled from Box Office Mojo.  Marvel has the tops with the number one box office camp, Captain America: Civil War at $1 billion(!), 153.3 million! It also has Doctor Strange which […]

Geek Speak TV Live: Daredevil

Join us as we review Netflix’s Daredevil! Also in this Episode: Geek sports Ash4Emmy #Ash4Emmy Weekend Boxoffice Emmy Awards SuperMansion   ASH4Emmy Pic:

Geek Guide to the 90’s Movie...

Jondee here at Isla Nubar, The Cold War was starting to go lukewarm, dot coms were the rage, and in the midst of all of this were the films. So get out your Discman, put on your Doc Martens, it’s time to Macarena for the 90’s movies! 1990 started with some sequels, there was Predator […]

Batman/Teenage Mutant Ninja Tu...

Jondee here at Gotham, Oh sure, Batman v Superman is a match-up, which has been done countless times in the comics, but we want to see Batman v Ninja Turtles! The team up of DC Comics and IDW sports a cover by interior artist, Freddie Williams II, which combines the sketchy art of Eastman-Laird’s turtles […]