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The Flash, “Runaway Dinosaur...

Jondee here at the Speed Force, Season 2 wraps up with a Kevin Smith directed episode before the last two shows. Flash restored his Speed Force through another particle accelerator charge, both Wally and Jesse were hit, but Barry was vaporized! The burnt remains of his suit is seen by his friends at STAR Labs. […]

The Flash in Comic Books!

Jondee here at Central City, The Flash has crossed into television from the comics. Here are the original appearances of the characters in the show. Also, collections for the hard to find issues.  Showcase #4 (1956), this is the first appearance of the Silver Age Flash, Barry Allen (Grant Gustin). It is also reprinted under […]

The Flash, “Running to Stand...

Jondee here at the Breach, A vision of Wells running with Zoom behind him, he fires an energy rifle, but Zoom has him by the throat. The villain rasps, “Merry Christmas.” At CC Jitters, Iris has gotten Barry a Flash action figure, the same figure from DC Collectibles. Joe worries about a present for Barry. […]