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About Geek Speak TV

Geek Speak TV was launched in 2012 with the desire to spread the Word of Geek to the Masses. Since our launch we have attended several awards shows, press panels and junkets and countless conventions! We have made lots of friends and we hope to continue to create wonderful Geek related works of art, comedy, and articles that will give you insight to the wonderful world of Geek!

Our goal at Geek Speak TV is to inform, entertain, and spread the latest in news and information to the Geek Community which is made up of Cosplayers, Gamers, Artists, Musicians, Actors and Actresses, Doctors and Lawyers and people from all walks of life. We are all one community when we are Geeks and you are never alone!

Please go to our Youtube channel GEEK SPEAK TV1 and subscribe so we can continue to show the studios that Geeks have an integral part in todays entertainment world! Geek On!