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So this is it Red Dead Online?

I wanted to wait until this week to give my review of the first official major update for Red Dead Online Beta. I guess one could call my reluctance a sort of hopeful optimism. A wish from the heart that the update that we got on the 26th was a mistake, oversight, or perhaps some […]

Guns, Clothing, Game M...

It looks like the Devs at Rockstar have heard the moans and groans of the fans and have decided to start giving us what we want. Actually, they were probably just waiting for after the shareholder phone conference to start ramping up the updates for what is sure to be the biggest video game franchise […]

Waiting for the other boot to ...

***Warning Spoilers Ahead*** Video game history was made on October 26th 2018 when the long-anticipated sequel to Rockstars Western-themed smash Hit Red Dead Redemption series hit the shelves, and just like on the western plains of the Wild West, it spread like wildfire. Red Dead Redemption 2 broke records all over the globe and just […]

Overwatch Halloween 2...

It’s Halloween time and, as such, it’s become a tradition with popular games that they capitalize on the popularity of the holiday and host Halloween themed events. Last year Overwatch debuted Junkenstein’s Revenge. A themed PvE, player vs. environment, map where 4 players face wave after wave of attackers, in this case Zombimechs that are […]

Video Game Adaptations!

Jondee here at the arcade (I know they aren’t really around now), There is Assassin’s Creed and Warcraft on the horizon. Dwayne Johnson is readying the Rampage based on the video game from 1986. There is a still a number of games that can provide material for more films. Ecco the Dolphin was a Sega game […]