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Superfriends on Film!

Jondee here at the Hall of Doom, As a kid, Superfriends was a legit as any film or tv series, George Reeves was still in re-runs in Adventures of Superman and Adam West was Batman also in re-runs. Some of the comic book villains spilled into Batman, but it was Superfriends that really made you love the […]

Legends of Tomorrow, “Invasi...

Jondee here at Redmond, Oregon, This is the last part of Invasion! aka Heroes vs. Aliens which started in a way with the newest series, Supergirl, and now Legends of Tomorrow. The Hall of Justice, Cisco tries to talk to Ollie, Citizen Steel, Nate Heywood, has found in the tapes the Dominators were in Redmond, […]

Arrow, “Invasion!”, Review...

Jondee here at the pod, It’s the 100th episode and continuing the Heroes vs. Aliens cross over!  Ollie is running through a forest and we find it’s Queen Mansion, he goes to the shower and hands a towel to Dinah Laurel Lance (Katie Cassidy, yay!), his fiancee. A flash to see Ollie and the other […]