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Legends of Tomorrow, “Invasion!”, Review!

Jondee here at Redmond, Oregon,


This is the last part of Invasion! aka Heroes vs. Aliens which started in a way with the newest series, Supergirl, and now Legends of Tomorrow. The Hall of Justice, Cisco tries to talk to Ollie, Citizen Steel, Nate Heywood, has found in the tapes the Dominators were in Redmond, Oregon, 1951. Cisco wants to time travel with Felicity. Ollie talks to Supergirl who wants her out of the fight. On the Waverider, Cisco, back to happy Cisco, is taken on a tour with Felicity by Heywood. S.T.A.R. Labs, Stein works with Caitlin and then his daughter, Lily, is there! She offers to work with him. Felicity vomits and gets babble tied, she and Cisco are left in the ship. Citizen Steel, Heatwave, and Vixen go to see the alien attack. The Dominator ship blasts the soldiers. Cisco and Felicity wait, she says he was trying to escape Barry, he’s still angry at him. The Dominators begin dragging the bodies to be transported. Heatwave cooks a Dominator and Steel knocks him out. Lily brings up some memories which upsets Stein, he talks with Caitlin, saying that disrupting his time has made a daughter. He intends to wipe out the timeline. Agents surround the Legends and tranq them. Cisco and Felicity rush to save them, he has found some future guns. The Legends are in a cell that cancels their powers. Steel tries to talk with the Dominator, but gets a roar. The others are waiting, covered by guns from agents, and a man who wants to be nameless (Donnelly Rhodes). The younger man (Jacob Richter) walks in to see the Legends in 1951. A gun is fired and Flash puts the bullet in his pocket, it’s a Quicksilver scene, and then the heroes take out the agents. The older man in glasses says the metahumans are a threat. Felicity and Cisco burst through the door to free the Legends. Cisco wants to get Felicity’s help to send the captured Dominator back. The younger glasses stabs the Dominator with a needle and he is freed by Steel and Vixen. The alien leaves and Cisco has a transponder and they travel back to the present. The older Glasses says that Flash has brought the aliens. If Flash turns himself in, then the Dominators will leave!


Hall of Justice, the Waverider lands, Felicity is temporarily blind. Then, the transponder activates with their friendly Dominator, he threatens to activate a bomb to take out all metahumans, the Gene Bomb? It’s called the Meta Bomb by Heywood. Dominator ships begin the invasion. Cisco vibes with Steel, Justice League Detroit reunited!, they see the friendly Dominator. He says that metahumans infected his planet. Cisco discovers that his interference with time is just like Barry. Lily is struggling with her work, Professor Stein apologizes to his daughter, she comes up with the solution. He gets a call from Barry. He tells all of them that he is giving himself up. They all stand to stop him. Cisco apologizes. Jax and Sara inform the group that the Central City ship is opening. The bomb is being dropped and the Waverider with White Canary at the controls and Cisco head towards it. The heroes face the Dominators on a rooftop and run into battle Captain America: Civil War-style. Vixen gets the power of an elephant and the others fight as Flash attaches devices to all of them. Sara has the bomb on a tractor beam. Arrow is knocked off a building and he’s saved by Supergirl. Somehow she can’t sweep them down. Firestorm is on the bomb using his power. Felicity activates the device causing pain in all of the Dominators. Martin tells him about his daughter and he transforms the bomb into water! The aliens run away to be transported away. The ships leave and the heroes are victorious! They assemble in the Hall of Justice, given honors by the President Susan Brayden (Lucia Walters), Heatwave confers with White Canary if the president is hot, and she agrees. A celebration party, Kara goes to talk to Barry and Ollie, she calls them Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, the tagline of the Avengers! They hug Barry and Cisco gives Kara an inter dimensional extrapolator that will allow her to cross over and contact them. Heatwave says to call him. Stein and Jax talk, his advice to his younger self resulted in Lily. Heywood confronts glasses, Kara says Dr. Smith about talking to the president about the Department of Extra-Normal Operations and sending him to Antarctica. Kara goes to activate the device and walks through the portal. Ollie and Sara hug, the ones left are Ollie, Diggle, and Barry. Then, it’s Arrow and Flash, they go drinking cheering things not being normal. Nice ending, but not really the Legends crew. Three Time Spheres out of Five!