Riverdale in the comics!

Jondee here at Pop’s Chocklit Shop, If you believe Archie comics are the old fashioned comics that has no interest to you as a reader of compelling comics, I would say that would be the same as saying Batman is the character who fights with Zam! Pow! Biff! You are dealing with the past and […]

Art of Rogue Signing at Galler...

Jondee here at Alhambra, This was a big event for Gallery Nucleus, tickets for the panel and signing went on sale from the website on December 27th. I picked up the VIP ticket for January 7th. I usually go to the gallery and there are stacks of the art books, nope!, they sold out! I […]

Remembering 2016

Jondee here at the end of 2016, So many people who have made our lives brighter, funnier, and full of music have passed this year. It is not simple sadness we should feel, it is wondrous that they gave us something like a song or film. So let’s not forget them. The person who stunned […]

Trollhunters Review!

Jondee here at Arcadia, I was intrigued about Trollhunters from the hardback young readers novel published in 2015, it was a little difficult to find after its release, but should be on the shelves now. The original book was by Guillermo del Toro and Daniel Kraus. del Toro was executive producer for Rise of the […]

Justice League Action, “Shaz...

Jondee here at the Rock of Eternity, It opens to a city at city with Batman (Kevin Conroy!)watching over it, he hears an older man pursued by three men in suits. Their faces open up in like hungry starfish, Batman can’t stop them, but the old man, the wizard Shazam (Carl Reiner), stops them and […]

Superfriends on Film!

Jondee here at the Hall of Doom, As a kid, Superfriends was a legit as any film or tv series, George Reeves was still in re-runs in Adventures of Superman and Adam West was Batman also in re-runs. Some of the comic book villains spilled into Batman, but it was Superfriends that really made you love the […]

Kulipari: Army of Frogs review...

Jondee here in the Amphibilands, Kulipari: Army of Frogs is now streaming on Netflix. It is an animated series adaptation by the Splash Entertainment based on the book by executive producer Trevor Pryce with Joel Naftali. Pryce is the former defensive end of the Denver Broncos. Pryce and Naftali have a book series starting with […]

Elena of Avalor, “First Day ...

Jondee here at Avalor, Elena of Avalor debuted on the Disney Channel.  The storybook opens to the narration of Elena (Aimee Carrero) telling about her story, she is given a magical amulet that will protect her, then a sorceress, Shuriki, works to take over Avalor. The royal wizard, Alakazar, places Elena’s sister and grandparents into […]

Elena of Avalor Premiere!

Jondee here at the Paley Center, The Disney Channel animated series is set to debut this Friday and a Los Angeles premiere was held with cast at the Paley Center on July 16th. They included the creator and executive producer of the show, Craig Gerber, the princess herself, Elena, played by Aimee Carrero, Jillian Rose […]