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Kulipari: Army of Frogs review!

Jondee here in the Amphibilands,


Kulipari: Army of Frogs is now streaming on Netflix. It is an animated series adaptation by the Splash Entertainment based on the book by executive producer Trevor Pryce with Joel Naftali. Pryce is the former defensive end of the Denver Broncos. Pryce and Naftali have a book series starting with An Army of Frogs. The third book, Amphibians’ End, is out on October. The opening is of a cave with torches that show Aborginal paintings of the frogs. A desert landscape, an archanoid army marches with red scorpion banners, to a few trees. Lord Marmoo (Keith David) has led them to the Amphibilands. Pryce based his series on Australian fables and the tale of the scorpion and the frog. The soldiers enter a jungle land, but are disoriented and thrown back to the desert. The sorcery is too strong, so Marmoo orders the troops to march to the castle of the Spider Queen. The forest, a young frog, Darel (Josh Keaton), races through the trees and has his spear ready when his large friend, Gee (Mike Kelley), is stuffing his mouth with gooseberries. Darel has the design of the brownish Australian tree frog. He leap kicks Gee and hits his bag of berries. He tosses the berries, but Chee catches them and also knocks down his friend with a staff. Another frog, Coorah (Lacey Chabert), leaps down to check on the boys. She hoped one of them would be injured. Chee’s tactic of choice is the Belly Bump. Another group of red-eyed tree frogs, their leader, leaps down.


The tree frogs are worn out by fighting, the leader duels with Darel, who taunts him that he doesn’t have the poison to be a Kulipari. Coorah sees a scratch on Darel and wraps his head with a bandage. They head back to their village nestled between a river and waterfalls, nice design. Daryl’s mother is worried about his fighting with the tree frogs. They hug before he is jumped by his multi-colored siblings. Mormo takes on a soldier who questions his actions. Torches are lit by the scorpion army. The Scorpion Queen Jarrah (Wendie Malick) sends out threads from the spire of a castle. The glowing threads encircle the castle and then burst into energy spiders that attack the army. Mormoo leaps onto a spider and tears it apart! The army starts to throw their torches onto the spiders. Then, a wind extinguishes the torches, a web forms on the feet of the army, and a giant spider appears. Mormoo bows as the giant spider spits out webs. The Spider Queen descends down the steps. She mocks his loss to the frogs and he says that the Turtle King had hid the frogs. The queen will rip down the Veil if Marmoo has the frogs suffer. Darel plays at finding his siblings. He finds his tadpole sister who is glowing under a blanket and kicks him. They have the power like their father. The Spider Queen wants them to find the Dirt of the battlefield to destroy the Veil. The soldiers drop energy spiders to take the dirt. Later we get Old Jib the mentor voiced by Mark Hamill.  This is only the first episode, there are twelve more to stream, so the story and more characters are introduced.  This is a fun series, good action for kids, but adults can get a kick out of it too. Four Poison Darts out of Five!