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Where is Lando?

Jondee here at Socorro, It was unusual to not see Billy Dee Williams in The Force Awakens, especially since he did voice work for Star Wars: Rebels, first in “Idiot’s Array” (2015) and then “Siege of Lothal” (2015), he likes the character. I think I may have an idea on it. I think he is […]

The Fate of Leia

Jondee here on Espirion, It was unexpected to lose our princess, but she has no end in the new films as of yet. So what would be the most satisfying and respectful end for the character? Colin Trevorrow in a Hollywood Reporter article is said to meet on January 10 for story meetings that will […]

Star Wars Special: C-3PO #1 Re...

Jondee here on an unknown planet, The mystery of C-3PO’s red arm from The Force Awakens is finally revealed in this comic book that was delayed from February. It has hit the comic book stands with the Starman team of James Robinson and Tony Harris. The artwork has the thick lines of an independent comic, […]