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The Fate of Leia

Jondee here on Espirion,


It was unexpected to lose our princess, but she has no end in the new films as of yet. So what would be the most satisfying and respectful end for the character? Colin Trevorrow in a Hollywood Reporter article is said to meet on January 10 for story meetings that will discuss Leia’s role in his film, Episode IX (set for May 23, 2019). There may not be any dialogue for the new scenes though Julie Dolan voiced Leia in Star Wars: Rebels and the game Star Wars: Uprising. There is the possibility it was revealed that Norwegian actress Ingvild Deila played Leia for Rogue One, possibly using her daughter, Billie Lourd (who is already Lieutenant Connix), sister, Joely Fisher (also an actress) as a CG replacement like Furious 7. A large part of it would be how the character progressed in Episode Eight (to be released on December 15, 2017). In Episode Seven, she was the leader of the Resistance, but it looks like her blaster days were behind her. Maybe this changes with Eight. I hope the film reunites Luke and Leia, but also that it centers around mother and son. Of course, also how Episode Nine will wrap up and how Leia will fit into it. If it centers around mother and son, I can see an arc where the death of the mother may cause redemption for the son. I would imagine in such a scenario that it occurs mid-point in the film, if it is at the end, then we would be suspicious about the presence of Leia even though the focus would be on Rey, Finn, and Poe.


The hologram cut transmission would be a poor way to complete Leia’s part, unsatisfying and disrespectful, it would really have to be sensitively handled to pull that off. I hope they don’t do it. It is possible Leia goes to the planet Espirion where the Alderaan survivors gathered, but this is a difficult connection through the Princess Leia comic book by Mark Waid and Terry Dodson. I think it will involve Evaan Verlaine, also from the comic, if this is the character played by Laura Dern. What I would like to see is the mother daughter connection with the return of Naboo. I know they are trying to progress and not fall back into prequel or original trilogy territory. Also, Leia did return to Naboo in the Princess Leia comic book in issue two. This would go full circle. I want to forward this proposition because I think the mother daughter relationship between Carrie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds was very strong. The same with the character, Leia remembered Padme in Return of the Jedi (1983), even as an infant for a few minutes, which I suspect is through her Force sensitivity. So I would think Leia would be there to honor Padme or to evacuate refugees, something to that effect.  She would have minor CG replacement in a medium or long shot which may or may not have dialogue.  Snoke orders the destruction of Theed, Leia evacuates the city, and we get the Alderaan Solution which leads to the redemption of the son. This makes sense for the story, though I don’t know what it will be, but the overall story of these films.