Star Wars: Rebels, “Trials o...

Jondee here at Sabine’s training camp , Atollon, Chopper Base, Fenn Rau heads for the Ghost, Kevin McKidd returns to voice Fenn Rau, Kanan shows him the darksaber. It first appeared in the Clone Wars episode “The Mandalore Plot” (2010). Fenn explains the origin of the darksaber, Tarr Vizla was the first Mandalorian admitted as […]

Where is Lando?

Jondee here at Socorro, It was unusual to not see Billy Dee Williams in The Force Awakens, especially since he did voice work for Star Wars: Rebels, first in “Idiot’s Array” (2015) and then “Siege of Lothal” (2015), he likes the character. I think I may have an idea on it. I think he is […]

Star Wars: Rebels, “Warhead...

Jondee here at Chopper Base, Star Destroyers launch probes into space. One heads to Atollon and lands with a protocol droid walking out. Krykna Spiders smother it. Chopper base, Hera brings in Hobbie and Wedge for a mission. Zeb is left behind as head of security with Chopper and AP-5. the protocol droid calls Zeb […]

Han Solo: A Star Wars Story sp...

Jondee here at Carida, Ok, we are getting a clearer picture of the story from the casting. Alden Ehrenreich is 28 now playing Han Solo about the age I target Han to be in the film. We have Woody Harrelson, 56, as a mentor for Han Solo, I suspect he will be Montross Holdaack. Donald […]

Star Wars: Rebels, “Ghost of...

Jondee here on Geonosis, The Ghost appears out of hyperspace, Ezra asks about the mission, Senator Bail Organa (Phil Lamarr) is on hologram, they are going to check on a team sent to Geonosis. There was an energy source detected on the planet. Captain Rex notes that the team leader is Saw Guerrera. We of […]

The Fate of Leia

Jondee here on Espirion, It was unexpected to lose our princess, but she has no end in the new films as of yet. So what would be the most satisfying and respectful end for the character? Colin Trevorrow in a Hollywood Reporter article is said to meet on January 10 for story meetings that will […]

Disney in 2016!

Jondee here at Zootopia, Yes, Disney is at the tops of the box office, currently at $7 billion dollars at #1. Previously, box office champ, $2.4 billion, Universal is at #4 with $1.2 billion. The question is why and what is the ramifications. Last year Universal dominated the box office with the top twenty movies,#2 […]

Remembering 2016

Jondee here at the end of 2016, So many people who have made our lives brighter, funnier, and full of music have passed this year. It is not simple sadness we should feel, it is wondrous that they gave us something like a song or film. So let’s not forget them. The person who stunned […]

Tribute to a Princess

Jondee here on Alderaan, There is sadness at the loss of Carrie Frances Fisher today, our thoughts and prayers were with her and her family as she was recovering from her heart attack on a flight from London on Friday, December 23rd. Heart conditions are very difficult. I have a weak heart and have lost […]