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Star Wars: Rebels, “An Inside Man”, Review!

Jondee here at the Imperial Armory Complex,


An Imperial base on Lothal with scout walkers patrolling it, Ezra and Kanan are on a rooftop scanning the area. Ryder Azadi (returning Clancy Brown) is on a land speeder dodging blaster fire from two speeder bikes and a scout walker. Ryder is the family friend that carried their last message. He tilts the land speeder sideways and the Jedi slice through the AT-ST’s legs. They race on the way outside of the city, Ryder says they need to go to 190 and the speeder bikes shatter, sabotaged by Ryder’s friend. They meet up with the group next to the Jedi Temple, Ezra tells them about an attack on the Imperial factory by Phoenix Squadron, Ezra is sent to the factory with another friend, Morad Sumar (Liam O’Brien). Kallus and Governor Pryce are there announcing a visit, Grand Admiral Thrawn! He has Morad test out the speeder bike he worked on. Thrawn remotely maxes the speeder bike’s speed it overloads and kills him! He declares that everyone who builds something personally tests it out. Lieutenant Lyste (O’Brien) inspects the identification of all of the workers including Ezra and Kanan! Ezra sends Chopper to create a distraction sending a speeder bike crashing. They head to Section A2, knock out troopers, and Governor Pryce is reprimanded by Thrawn. She tells Kallus that a new fighter is being developed at the factory. He asks about a scout walker from a worker, it is sent to walk forward, but collapses. Thrawn has the worker taken away. Ryder reports that the commander as red eyes. In disguise, a droid goes into an area, Kanan gets the clearance code, Chopper knocks it out and takes the code. He taps into the computer network. Thrawn regards the graffiti, Kallus tells him the Rebellion graffiti is “a mark of the Phoenix Squadron, a creature of flight rising in flames, a symbol of their commitment to victory.” Thrawn suspects that the Rebel cell was based on Lothal. Thrawn suspects that the Rebels changed their stormtrooper disguise. He knows they are at Section A2.


Other stormtroopers find Kanan and Ezra, Chopper rolls up, and Ezra tries to say they are new recruits. A door opens it’s Agent Kallus! He knows they are the Rebels. They fight with Kallus and he says that he is Fulcrum! Kallus gives the code phrase, “By the light of Lothal’s moons.” They don’t believe him, but Chopper thinks he’s Fulcrum. Kallus bursts into a room firing his blaster, he is slammed by a stormtrooper, and they stun the others. Kanan contacts Ryder and Kallus tells them to take a scout walker. Ezra knocks Kallus away with the Force. Thrawn tells Governor Pryce that he knows that they have the plans. He gets a report that Rebels have attacked the East Gate. Two AT-AT walkers face the bridge, Thrawn orders them to destroy the Rebel’s walker. He chicken walks under the legs of the other walker. The walker drops down smashing the Rebel walker. Ezra and Kanan have cut through using their lightsabers. They blast the last walker and it collapses with Ezra and Kanan popping out of the hatch. Ezra tells Ryder that Sumar is dead. They head off on their speeders under walker fire. Sabine has the plans projected from a droid, a TIE with shields. Kanan tells them that Kallus is Fulcrum. Zeb regrets it. Thrawn knows that the escape was from a mole which he tells Agent Kallus! This is getting back to the main story after two episode diversions. Fulcrum is a great reveal, but I’m still putting together how the new TIE plays into the war, and where is Bendu? Four Lightsabers out of Five!