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Star Wars: Rebels, “Ghost of Geonosis” Review!

Jondee here on Geonosis,


The Ghost appears out of hyperspace, Ezra asks about the mission, Senator Bail Organa (Phil Lamarr) is on hologram, they are going to check on a team sent to Geonosis. There was an energy source detected on the planet. Captain Rex notes that the team leader is Saw Guerrera. We of course see him four years later in Rogue One and he was also in the Clone Wars episode, “A War on Two Fronts” (2012). The Ghost reaches Geonosis, the construction they saw is gone, they head for a landing. The ship is rocked by storms, Sabine detects the energy source is in a different location to Saw’s transmission. They split into two groups, it’s like Wrath of Khan, they reach a temple and Rex tells Kanan about Saw. Ezra finds a passage to the tunnels and they head down. He finds a helmet, Rex recognizes it, more helmets litter the tunnel. Kanan detects something, but it has disappeared. Rex votes for them to continue. Alien muttering are heard above the tunnel. They hear clanking, battle droids, and they get ready before a destroyer droid rolls up. The Rebels back up under the droid fire, but they are struck by an explosion and Saw Guerrera (voiced by Forest Whitaker!) joins the fight. He looks younger, without wild hair, and weakened cyborg parts. The two friends see each other. Hera watches Sabine and Zeb moving towards the power source, a shield generator. She wants Sabine to move the shield to use for their base. Saw tells Rex about the shield generator. He explains that he is only survivor to a bug attack. He thinks a bug is only thing left to know the Empire’s plans. They reach a shaft and contact Hera to warn her about the battle droids that will be active after the storm. The storm dies and Sabine finds mounds that are really destroyers. Sabine and Zeb decide to sneak with the deflector core past the destroyers. Hera calls the others in. Chopper sees across the chasm a Geonosian who activates the destroyers. Kanan uses the Force to throw Ezra across the chasm after the bug with Chopper using his rockets. Hera tells Sabine to activate the deflector to create a shield to stop the destroyers. Kanan uses the Force to hold up a bridge for Rex and Saw to cross. He Force jumps over to them. Ezra and Chopper chase after the Geonosian. He detects the Geonosian and leaps towards him destroying the droid controller and the destroyers collapse. The Geonosian whippers confronted by Saw who wants to know what was built for the Empire.


The spires of Geonosis, Saw interrogates the Geonosian, Ezra talks to him and gets his name, Klik-Klak (voiced by Matthew Wood). Saw puts binders on Klik-Klak and he drops an image disc, it projects his sister Stella. Saw snatches it back while Rex explains. An Imperial light cruiser hovers over Geonosis. It is an Imperial officer, Captain Brunson (Leslie L. Miller). Hera has detected them and sends Zeb with a transmitter. Klik-Klak takes them to his workshop. Saw rummages through the workshop. The Geonosian has a queen egg that he is protecting. Zeb contacts the group. Saw drags Klik-Klak and the egg, but Ezra wants the egg to be protected for their species. Kanan has both taken to the ship. Two TIE Bombers descend to bomb the Ghost! The cruiser identifies the Ghost and Brunson wants it destroyed! Sabine shoots one bomber down and the Ghost flies after the last one. Sabine clips it’s wing and crashes it. The storm is coming and Hera sends the Ghost down the shaft. Brunson orders the cruiser to head to the surface. They reach the shaft, but the winds are heavy, until Hera opens the rear hatch. Saw is honored to see Phoenix Leader! Kanan and Hera talk until hearing a struggle. Klik-Klak is shocked and Saw knocks down Ezra. The egg rolls down and Saw has his blaster to it! The cruiser closes on the shaft. Ezra tells Saw not to end Klik-Klak’s family. Sabine warns them about the Empire and rocket troopers drop towards them. Ezra, Kanan, and Zeb defend the Ghost as the troopers swarm. Saw joins them and then Rex on the canon. Ezra tosses the thermal detonators back at the troopers. Sabine rocket packs at them and blasts them. Brunson is about to fire on the Ghost. The ship continues its descent and they reach the bottom. They find massive Imperial poison canisters, a circle in a circle from Klik-Klak’s drawing. Saw takes the binders off of the Geonosian and he takes the egg to a blocked passage. Brunson orders the cruiser to fire and the Rebels race to the Ghost. They ascend blasting the debris, Hera orders everyone to fire on the cruiser, proton torpedoes hit it, but the canisters are lost. Organa says the images will help get more recruits. Nice two part opener, it almost like a reset and starting the season where the beginning wandered. Four Lightsabers out of Five!