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Star Wars: Rebels, “Visions and Voices”, Review!

Jondee here at Dathomir,


Atollon, Hera is planning the attack on Lothal, Ezra hears the voice of Maul, he can’t shake seeing Maul in the passing Rebels. Kanan senses something wrong with Ezra, he turns to face Maul and collapses! Ezra recovers, but Kanan and Hera are worried. Sabine has AP-5 load the ordnance. Ezra chases the laugh of Maul and Force pushes what he thins is Maul ready to hit him with his lightsaber, but it is a Rebel worker. Kanan has Sabine put a tracker on Ezra. Kanan and Ezra head over to see Bendu, who has warned them, they turn and face Maul above them! Bendu is gone. The Jedis activate their lightsabers, Maul wants to speak to his “apprentice”, he has a beacon to reveal the Rebel base. Maul wants to find a way to destroy the Sith. Ezra agrees and Maul’s ship lands to take them away. Kanan rides back to the base, Sabrine reports about the signal from Ezra, and they follow him. Maul tells Ezra they are headed to Dathomir. Everything is red and empty. He explains the Nightsisters were killed. The last we saw of Dathomir was in the Darth Maul: Son of Dathomir comic book. Ezra sees a saber, a darksaber, that agers Maul. Sabine pilots the ship to Dathomir.


Maul has found a spell, he makes a potion and drinks it, Ezra takes his potion. Their eyes glare green. Sabine tracks the signal. Their eyes give them a vision. Maul says, “A desert planet with twin suns!” Nightsister spirits appear from a pool. Kanan and Sabine appear, she’s is possessed and then Kanan! Ezra approaches them, Nightsister Kanan activates his lightsaber to attack Maul and Nightsister Sabine fires on Ezra. They leave the cave where the Nightsisters are stopped. Maul still wants to fulfill their destines on the planet with twin suns. Maul takes off in his ship, Ezra wants to save his friends, Nightsister Sabine spider crawls and then engages Ezra with the darksaber! He uses the Force to toss her away and outside of the cave, the spirit is ripped out of her. Ezra sees Nightsister Kanan in the pool. They duel with lightsabers. Ezra offers himself and Kanan is freed. He activates his lightsaber and darksaber shattering the altar destroying the spirits. Ezra tells Kanan that the answer is Obi-Wan Kenobi. Their mission is find Master Kenobi! Sabine picks up the dark saber and follows the others. This seems like Clone Wars 2.0, nice that there is business wrapped up from that series, but I don’t see a progression with the Rebels storyline. Three Lightsabers out of Five!