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Star Wars: Rebels, “The Last Battle”, Review!

Jedi Jondee here at Agamar,


The Ghost emerges from hyperspace to descend to the planet Agamar with a crashed ship. Captain Rex has led them there because of the battle. Ezra finds the head of a battle droid. He is there with Kanan, Zeb, and Chopper. Rex finds proton bombs in the armory. A ray shield traps them as they are surrounded by battle droids (voiced by Matthew Wood) of the Separatist Alliance. Ok joke by Ezra, “Wait, who’s Roger?” They are stunned and Rex wakes up in binders to find the battle droids think they still are in the Clone Wars. He finds Kalani (Gregg Berger), the super tactical droid, still active since Agamar was far enough away to not get the shut down order. He was last seen as well as the planet in the Clone Wars episode “Tipping Points” (2012). Zeb is made a prisoner while the others fight the last battle. The battle droids have Battle Plan Zeta. Chopper activates a shuttle. The Ghost escapes TIE fighters, Hera piloting with Sabine, with three Star Destroyers. On board is Governor Pryce and Agent Kallus, Admiral Konstantine reports about a distress signal. The object is to return to the ship and Kanan puts Rex in charge. The battle droids march and Rex calls a Sword and Shield maneuver with the Jedi using their lightsabers to block blaster fire while Rex throws thermal detonators. They rush the droids and reach the hangar which is empty.


Zeb suggests Kalani surrender and the tactical droid sends in destroyer droids which attack from the catwalk. Ezra sees a crane that can be used on the destroyers. Kalani sends in the battle droids, Chopper runs into Ezra, and takes him to the shuttle. Rex is shot! Ezra uses the Force to move the crane to knock down the destroyers and the falling catwalk destroys them. Destroyers are at both sides of them, Kanan uses the Force to stop one’s shield, Rex fires on it, then he throws his helmet at the other, and blasts it! Poor shields. Rex has Kalani under blaster, Ezra questions the winner of the Clone Wars, and Zeb says it’s the Empire. Ezra poses the question if the battle droids can take the Empire. Kalani sends the droids to assess the Empire. The stormtroopers destroy the battle droids. Ezra convinces Kalani that they have the same goal. A team up of battle droids, clone, and Jedi! Rex has the idea of rolling the proton bombs at the Imperial walkers. Kalani has the Jedi blocking droid fire so they can target the walkers. Kalani and Rex argue about winning. Destroyers, battle droids, and Zeb fire on the walkers. The proton bombs take down a walker. They launch in the ship, one is crippled, Kalani and the Rebels have escaped. Rex congratulates Ezra on finding the middle ground. Kalani heads off, Ezra gives him a “Roger Roger.” Rex tells Ezra about the Battle of Geonosis. Kanan greets Hera and tells them they have a new shuttle before they jump to hyperspace. It could have been Clone Wars part two, but there is enough new ideas to make this episode fresh. Four Lightsabers out of Five!