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Star Wars: Rebels, “Warhead”, Review!

Jondee here at Chopper Base,


Star Destroyers launch probes into space. One heads to Atollon and lands with a protocol droid walking out. Krykna Spiders smother it. Chopper base, Hera brings in Hobbie and Wedge for a mission. Zeb is left behind as head of security with Chopper and AP-5. the protocol droid calls Zeb a “grunt.” The droid goes to keep track of munitions and offers to help Zeb learn to count, lol. Stephen Stanton is really funny as AP-5. Zeb and Chopper leave on a land speeder to check on a meteor. Zeb replaces a beacon and finds a droid caught in Krykna Spiders and frees it. A Star Destroyer, Agent Kallus is given a report about no communication from an infiltrator droid. AP-5 is worried about the disorganization and Zeb drops the infiltrator. He activates it and the droid, Zeb asks it’s designation, but the droid doesn’t remember. The droid has the eyes and face of Ralph McQuarrie’s original C-3PO design. It scans all of the munitions and Zeb brings it in. Fulcrum contacts the base and notes the recon droids that are heavily armed, it turns into the harmless droid form that Zeb has just brought in! AP-5 talks to the recon droid, it identifies the Rebel base, and then identifies itself, Imperial Infiltrator Droid, EXD-9! (voiced by David Acord).


It transforms into a multi-eyed, arm with blasters taking on Zeb and Chopper. Zeb blasts off one of it’s hands. Zeb goes to hunt the infiltrator droid in the darkened base tracking it’s fluid, they find a droid scavenged for parts. Zeb wants to lay a trap, but AP-5 warns him that they are surrounded by explosive munitions that are not blaster friendly. Chopper rolls around and sees the droid taking parts from another fallen droid. Zeb jumps down on it and activates his staff. The droid shocks Zeb and bashes him! Zeb holds the droid as AP-5 tries to deactivate it. Chopper reports that the droid did not transmit the location of the Empire. AP-5 sees the countdown on the droid and notes that it has a proton warhead! Chopper freezes the countdown and Zeb has to work out how to take care of it, if it is deactivated more will be sent. He has AP-5 reprogram EXD-9 to activate the countdown when it plugs into the Imperial network. It transforms back into the protocol droid and heads out. They follow in a speeder to the infiltrator droid to its ship. The droid activates the ship’s long range transmitter, but Zeb blasts it. The droid heads off in the ship. AP-5 is worried if he correctly programmed it and Zeb reassures him. The droid connects and detonates destroying the Star Destroyer. Agent Kallus smiles to himself seeing the destruction. The Ghost lands and Zeb reports to Hera. Fulcrum reports on the success of the plan. Sabine asks what happened. AP-5 starts to tell them, but Zeb covers his mouth. Thrawn hears the report from Agent Kallus. He is happy to narrow the search of the Rebel base from thousands to 94 planets. A nice episode, but needs to keep the Rebellion on track.  Three Lightsabers out of Five!