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Star Wars Rebels, “Iron Squadron”, Review!

Jondee here at Mykapo,


The Ghost heads toward the planet Mykapo to evacuate it with some other Rebel vessels. They see a YT-2400 freighter being attacked by TIE fighters. Hera sends the transport down while the fighters are to engage the Imperial fighters. The young pilot dismisses their help, he says, “Whoever you are, the Iron Squadron doesn’t run.” It throws charges that destroy the Imperial transport ship which is crippled and jumps to hyperspace. Hera sends Kanan down. Zeb says, “Sounds like a ship full of Ezras.” Commander Sato says via hologram that the Iron Squadron was his brother’s group and his nephew Mart Mattin took over. Hera, Ezra, and Sabine meet with one of the members of Iron Squadron, a female Theelin with three horns on the sides of her face, and bright hair in this case pink. It looks like the ship is malfunctioning, no hyperdrive, and Chopper runs into a cone-dome droid, R3. They introduced themselves, Jonner Jin (Eric Lopez), Gooti Terez (Meredith Anne Bull), and Mart Mattin (Zachary Gordon. Mart thinks he doesn’t need the help of the Ghost crew. Three Star Destroyers orbit a planet, Thrawn receives a report about the Iron Squadron and sends Admiral Konstantine to take on the squadron.


Phoenix Squadron has evacuated the sympathetic people. Sabine and Chopper go to repair the hyperdrive with Ezra. Chopper reports to Sabine that power has been rerouted. Mart sounds the alarm and seen what he thinks is a Star Destroyer, but is a light freighter. They convince Mart to leave an they evacuate the ship, Ezra uses a shuttle, Mart sends the crate trap, but the crates are destroyed the cruiser’s forward cannons. Sabine notes that the ship is damaged and Ezra reassures Mart that they will return. An officer reports to Konstantine that a mine has been attached. Mart speaks in hologram form, but he is cut off. Hera volunteers and Gooti and Jonner want to join the Ghost. Sabine tells Mart that they have returned after appearing from hyperspace. Konstantine sends out the TIE fighters. Jonner and Gooti takes the droids to dismantle the mine. R3 and Chopper remove the mine and attach it to a cargo ship. Sato announces that they are reinforcing Hera. Mark notes that Sato is his uncle Jun. Mart dents the mine to the admiral’s ship and it explodes. A Star Destroyer warps in and the Rebels try to escape. Thrawn speaks to Sato and then the Rebels jump to hyperspace. Thrawn sees Admiral Konstantine in hologram form. At the base, Mart sees his uncle and hugs him. The Iron Squadron is reunited. Ok, but still may not be connecting with the main Thrawn threat and plan. Two Lightsabers out of Three.