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Star Wars: Rebels, “Imperial Supercommandos”, Review!

Jondee here on Mandalore,


Sabine and Fenn Rau (Kevin McKidd) are playing the holographic game Blades and she tries to bring his Protectors over to the Rebellion. He was captured in “The Protector of Concord Dawn” in the second season. Zeb takes them to the war room where communications are lost on Concord Dawn. Hera allows Fenn to go in binders with Sabine and Ezra. Fenn escapes his binders and stuns them on the ship to Mandalore. Ezra is revived painfully by Chopper. He has landed the shuttle and they scramble to find Rau, Ezra uses the Force to take his blaster, he is fixated on his destroyed town. Fenn believes it was Mandalorians. An Imperial probe droid has recorded their conversation, but it is detected by Chopper, Ezra uses the Force to hold it while Sabine blasts it. Sabine has Rau under her sights when the Mandorian super commandos fly in, they run. The super commando armor looks like early designs of Boba Fett’s design.  One finds Chopper in the shuttle. Ezra pulls them away as Fenn and Sabine escape. The commando takes off his helmet and introduces himself to Ezra as Gar Saxon (Ray Stevenson, Volstagg in the Thor films). He is the Imperial Viceroy of Mandalore! The shuttle lands and Chopper is taken to Saxon. Ezra tells him he’s a scavenger part of Hondo Ohnaka’s crew.


Sabine wants to stop the Mandalorians from getting the coordinates from the shuttle. Fenn and Sabine close on Saxon (hearing his conversation with their helmets) as Ezra reveals Rau to Saxon. He makes the deal with Sabine. He knocks out a super commando and Sabine takes his jetpack. Fenn takes on the Mandalorian pilot. Ezra uses the Force to deflect Saxon’s blasts on Chopper. A thermal detonator explodes as Sabine pulls out Ezra. Sabine gives Ezra his lightsaber recovered by Fenn.  Ezra activates his lightsaber as they face the supercommandos. Saxon knows Sabine and says that her mother is looking for her. He says her mother is loyal to the Empire. She pretends to give up, but gives a command to Chopper who sends painful sound waves into Sabine’s helmet. She gets the helmet back and flies off with Ezra on her jetpack. They snipe at the Rebels with Ezra using his lightsaber to deflect their blasterfire. He jumps on a super commando destroying his pack with his lightsaber. Sabine is hit and Ezra falls now riding Chopper. Ezra and Sabine fall when Fenn appears in the shuttle and blasts the super commandos. Ezra escapes as Sabine is tackled by Saxon. Fenn shoots down a super commando and destroys their ship. Saxon fights with Sabine. She almost makes it to the shuttle flying, but is shot by Saxon, Ezra catches her hand and pulls her into the ship. Sabine welcomes Fenn Rau to the family. Three Lightsabers out of Five!