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Star Wars: Rebels, “Trials of the Darksaber”, Review!

Jondee here at Sabine’s training camp ,


Atollon, Chopper Base, Fenn Rau heads for the Ghost, Kevin McKidd returns to voice Fenn Rau, Kanan shows him the darksaber. It first appeared in the Clone Wars episode “The Mandalore Plot” (2010). Fenn explains the origin of the darksaber, Tarr Vizla was the first Mandalorian admitted as a Jedi, he returned to Mandalore to rule it with the darksaber. He wants Sabine to organize Mandalore’s armies. Sabine in her bunk, Chopper enters to tell her that the everyone is waiting for her. She refuses to use it because of Maul and wants to keep her family on the Ghost. Hera wants her to accept her destiny. Ezra gives some Yoda-like advice, “First lesson, don’t try, just learn.” Sabine is taken by Kanan on a speeder with Ezra. Kanan gives Sabine a staff to spar. She’s knocked down by Kanan who has his Jedi training. He has Ezra practice with Jedi forms. Sabrine Wren, Jedi Knight! Sabine is matching Ezra, Hera asks for a progress report after several days, she thinks he’s being cautious because she’s not a Jedi. Rau brings supplies while Ezra has his staff at Sabine. He brings Sabine Mandalorian vambraces with grappler, repulsor, and to defeat a Jedi. She faces with Ezra again, hits him with a repulsor, and has her staff edge to him. She puts a grappler around Kanan, he severs it with his lightsaber saying she needs discipline and she walks off.


Ezra goes to check on her, she feels the disgrace of her family, she has a Simba Complex. The rock she kicks shifts into the Bendu. Hera, via hologram, consults with Kanan. She is angry that he doesn’t want her to train with the darksaber. He wants her to have balance and Hera convinces him to let her train with the darksaber. Night, the group is waiting for Sabine’s return. She returns to the camp to talk with Kanan who apologizes to give her the darksaber. Sabine ignites the darksaber blade. He activates his lightsaber and they start sparring with lightning crackling between the blades. Kanan goes through the forms and goes faster, knocking her down. Sabine says that the blade feels lighter, Kanan says it’s because she’s connecting with it. Kanan severs the vambrace and taunts Sabine. They fight with Kanan not using his lightsaber until getting the truth from Sabine. She screams that she left because of her family. Sabine kicks down Kanas and holds her blade. She admits that her family left her and she sobs. Fenn says that he will follow Sabine and Ezra says the same, kneeling to her. Brilliant voice work by Tiya Sircar.  A very character driven episode and we move closer with Sabine’s destiny. Four Lightsabers out of Five!