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Star Wars Fans and Mark Hamill Need to STOP!

First, the boycott of EA over an in-game purchase system, causing actual job and stock market loss to the company. Then the raising of private funds to change the ending of “The Last Jedi” to something closer to what the fanboys wanted. Next, the online bullying of Kelly Marie Tran so intense she quit social media. Their complaints about how Rian Johnson ruined Star Wars, where in fact, it’s the Star Wars fans sense of ownership and entitlement of the franchise fueled by their Nerd Jedi General, Mark Hamill @HamillHimself that is ruining the saga! With their latest tantrum, a petition to not have the role of Leia re-cast after the unfortunate death of actress Carrie Fisher, they have definitively changed the ending of the Skywalker storyline as it was intended, and they are to blame! It’s why Star Wars Fans and Mark Hamill Need to STOP!
I wish Star Wars was a book series first, then the end of the Saga wouldn’t have been influenced by Nerd whining. This nonsense didn’t happen when Potterheads lost their original Dumbledore in Sir Richard Harris. Imagine that? No more Dumbledore in the Harry Potter Series because the actor who played him died? Sounds ridiculous doesn’t it? Because IT IS! By choosing not to re-cast Leia, the Skywalker Saga, in short, is fucked!

This isn’t the first time JJ Abrams has said “Fuck it all” to a storyline either. It’s why I am convinced he’s doing it again with the Star Wars Universe. Yes, he’s thrown out entire storylines before, again, with no objection from Disney, with his series “LOST“.  “LOST” was being shot on location in Hawaii. The set was laid back, security was not tight, and locals were able to come and go onto the set as they pleased. Actors scripts were being left around the location and getting stolen and posted onto the Internet. Wanting the storylines to be unique and spoiler free, Producer, Co-Creator, and Writer JJ Abrams decided to make changes to the storyline so drastically that the story no longer made any sense. You can probably still find old copies of the original scripts online. “LOST” wasn’t clever writing or plot twists. “LOST” wasn’t trying to keep people completely in the dark. “LOST” was just lost. They had shot and aired elements to things that were going to be revealed later on in the series but after Abrams literally threw a fit about the scripts being posted online, he made ridiculous creative changes to the story. I would almost say he did that just to troll the people who had been posting and leaking his scripts online. A first sign of his ability to say “fuck you” to the fans? That is the real reason why “LOST” made no fucking sense! It wasn’t creative, Abrams pulled a “JAWS’ and got lucky the public ate that garbage up. Now you know.

The decision by Abrams, once again, but this time with Star Wars, to not do what is best for the show and story by letting the Skywalker story continue on as they had envisioned prior to Carrie Fisher passing is a shame. Not re-casting Princess/General Leia Organa with a strong capable Hollywood actress is a sign of another bad creative decision. Instead, they are kowtowing to the fans and giving them what they want by re-using unseen footage shot from “The Last Jedi”. It’s not going to be great, as twitter-heads are proclaiming! It seriously limits story and plot capabilities and it is going to be horrible! But give the fans what they want and who’s to blame them? With fanboys threatening hunger strikes if things don’t go their way, who wants to listen to a million Nerds bitch for another 20 years? If we get a shallow story line that doesn’t seem to pan out that well and Abrams has to pull a Force Miracle out of his ass and make this “Star Wars IX: The Force-Ghostening” by brining back Luke, Qui-Gon Jinn, Han Solo, Ewan McGregor in Old Man Ben Make-up, with Hayden Christensen, Jar-Jar Binks, and the cast of the muppets to make this shit stick, oh well. Fans have lost all right to bitch and moan about how this last one ends. With Episode IX, You get what you get. They are forcing the creatives to work in a very narrow alleyway, and as the saying goes: “Garbage in, Garbage out!”
Mark Hamill…Mr. Hamill, when will you learn? Just like he did with Episode VIII and his opinion on what “his” Luke Skywalker should have been doing in the “off-season” and the decisions that Director Rian Johnson made, you are speaking out of line, sir! You can read his initial comments here: https://deadline.com/2017/12/mark-hamill-luke-skywalker-criticism-rian-johnson-star-wars-the-last-jedi-1202231920/ Hamill’s feelings caused fanboys to rally behind him and nearly slit their wrists in protest having not even seen the movie. But just like “armchair Directors” do, he got it wrong. Here he is recanting his opinion, but the damage was already done. https://deadline.com/2017/12/mark-hamill-star-wars-the-last-jedi-luke-skywalker-1202232760/ Mark Hamill is just an actor, a good one, granted, but as is the case here, he sees things through a limited actor’s view. As compared to the Director, the boss, the captain of the ship, who has studied the “ins and outs” of every character and has final “say so” because that is HIS job, he knows what’s best. The Director is the person with the grander vision, the risk taker, the creative leader. The Director is in charge and either get’s the glory of success or goes down with the ship. There is a reason Mr. Hamill was not asked to Direct the film. Rian Johnson had every right to be extremely upset with Mark but, he’s a class act, like a Director should be. But I am not the Director of the film, I can say what Rian Johnson can’t: “Mark Hamill should’ve kept his mouth shut until he saw the final version of the film!” His comments emboldening of fans sentiment is exactly what torpedoed Episode VIII and still has the internet fanboys bickering on Facebook and Reddit. He forgot his place as an ACTOR hired to play a role. And lesson learned? OF COURSE NOT! Fans and Mark Hamill have overstepped their bounds once again and probably ruined the Star Wars saga for everybody with this latest idiotic tantrum about not re-casting the pivotal role of Princess/General/Jedi? Leia Organa-Solo. How bad ass would it have been to see Leia wielding a lightsaber played by Meryl Streep or Cate Blanchett? Both women have said they would love a role in Star Wars and both women are more then capable of handling it, but no. We get outtakes and behind the scenes footage that wasn’t good enough for Episode VIII but you’ll love it in Episode IX because “Carrie Fisher!” Sentimental fools!
Carrie Fisher, above anyone else, understood that her role as Princess Leia was just a role. She often complained in interviews about how fans never disconnected fiction from reality. She was never happy being referred to as Princess Leia in real life. She was uncomfortable with fanboys fantasizing about her. So to honor her the fans, Mark Hamill, and JJ Abrams do the exact opposite of what she would’ve wanted? Smart. Carrie Fisher is Hollywood Royalty, she comes from an old Hollywood family. She understood above all else that in Hollywood the phrase is: “The show must go on”. Carrie Fisher would be giving you all a big “middle finger” from a galaxy far, far away for doing something so stupid in her name. This is a mistake, and although I was looking forward to where The Skywalker Saga was heading and what could have been, I can now only nervously wait for what we are going to get. I hope you’re happy. “May the Force Be With Us All…”