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Star Wars: Rebels, “Hera’s Heroes”, Review!

Jondee here at Ryloth,


Ryloth, two beasts, blurrgs that first appeared in Ewoks: The Battle for Endor (1985) and made canon in a Clone Wars episode, are running from Imperial speeder bikes. Cham Syndulla (Robin Atkin Downes) and a Twi’lek woman, Numa (Catherine Taber). A thermal detonator is thrown which takes one of the speeder bikes. They reach the end of a canyon, it’s Hera bringing in Ghost, turns his blurry to face the Imperials. An armored Imperial carrier fires on the Ghost, but it is blasted by Ezra on the Ghost guns. Hera drops the ramp for the blurrgs and a scout trooper also enters and is knocked out by Zeb. Cham tells his daughter that the Imperials occupy the Tan Province, her homeland. Ezra dresses in the scout trooper armor. Zeb and the others create the diversion for a scout walker and stormtroopers as Ezra and Hera take the speeder bike away. He tells a stormtrooper guard he is taking Hera as a prisoner. There is a crashed Y-Wing from the Clone Wars with a re-painted Chopper, Hera saved him from the Y-Wing. They sneak into a Cham’s office, Ezra sees a painting of Hera’s family, and she gets the heirloom, the Kalikori.


Grand Admiral Thrawn appears from a lift with Captain Slavin (Andre Sogliuzzo). Hera and Ezra run into Chopper. Cham and Zeb are on blurrgs running into the scout walker and stormtroopers. Cham has his fellow Twi’lek, Gobi, use a rocket launcher to bring down debris to blockade the Imperials, but it is destroyed. Chopper rolls to distract stormtrooper guards. Hera faces Thrawn, Captain Slavin thinks she is a servant, Ezra puts down his helmet to bring Hera. Thrawn talks to Hera in the captain’s office, Cham’s office, and Thrawn sees the heirloom. He looks at the painting and knows that the heirloom is a Kalikori. Hera has the Twi’lek accent down. He knows that she is Hera Syndulla! Ezra reacts, but is stunned by Thrawn. He has Hera in a cell and has the Kalikori taken to his ship. The Imperials blaster fire is stopped and Captain Slavin in hologram addresses Cham. He wants Cham in exchange for Hera and Ezra. Chopper has freed Hera and Ezra. Slavin has his blaster out to take the prisoners. The Ghost approaches the hangar, Cham walks down the ramp, Hera and Ezra are freed, Chopper begins wildly attaching thermal detonators, Hera apologizes to her father. Chopper blows up the Syndulla house and they escape. Thrawn watches them leave as Captain Slavin reports in hologram form. Hera says she doesn’t need the Kalikori to remember her mother, she has Kanan, her father, and her Rebel family. Five Lightsabers out of Five!