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Where is Lando?

Jondee here at Socorro,


It was unusual to not see Billy Dee Williams in The Force Awakens, especially since he did voice work for Star Wars: Rebels, first in “Idiot’s Array” (2015) and then “Siege of Lothal” (2015), he likes the character. I think I may have an idea on it. I think he is the father of Finn, the character played by John Boyega, stormtrooper FN-2187 who defects from the First Order. Maybe that’s predictable, but not that his mother is Dhara Leonis. She is the Force-sensitive cadet who was intro ducted in the Servants of the Empire book Edge of the Galaxy by Jason Fry. Dhara is the sister of Zare Leonis, a stormtrooper who rebelled against the Empire. He appeared in the “Breaking Ranks” (2014) episode of Star Wars: Rebels. So the roots of the character are there.


He was taken away as an orphan, seen in the Star Destroyer screen, so where is Lando? I think he has been away from the Resistance, the First Order, everything, trying to find his son. If this is true, then I hope he doesn’t show up in Episode Eight, maybe rumors or a hologram about him. The Star Wars story is about fathers and sons so this would complete his arc if his father (and mother) or Finn find each other. I would think this would be in Episode Nine, a satisfying end. Dhara would be 23 at the time of Empire Strikes Back when Lando was 35. She would be 58 during the time of The Force Awakens while Lando would be 67. So who could play the mother of Finn? I honestly think Pam Grier, she’s still working, she is an icon of beauty, a perfect counterpart to Billy Dee. So here’s a possible scenario, don’t mind if Lucasfilm uses it or not; The Calrissians have found their son, but he is captured by Captain Phasma. Then, Dhara Calrissian activates her lightsaber! She takes revenge for kidnapping her baby boy! A perfect way to end Captain Phasma and reunite Finn Calrissian!