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Star Wars: Rebels, “The Antilles Extraction”, Review!

Jondee here at Skystrike Academy,


The episode is written by Gary Whitta who worked on Rogue One. The Rebel fleet emerges into normal space for a supply mission, but an Imperial cruiser appears. The A-Wing fighters engage and the TIE interceptors shred the transport, but it is destroyed! Back at the base, the Rebels discuss the destroyed transport, Commander Sato contacts Fulcrum. Hera explains that the handle is used by Rebel agents, a male voice, Thrawn? He says there are cadets at the Skystrike Academy. It is Sabine who volunteers since she was an Imperial cadet. Hera and Zeb are working the relief mission to Teralov. Sabine puts her identity chip into a black astro droid, C2-B5 who is in Rogue One? If so, this would be his first appearance. Sabine’s card is rejected she takes off her TIE pilot helmet and blows on it to switch the cards. On a Blockade Runner, Ezra worries about Sabine. The Imperial officer, Instructor Goran (Corey Burton) addresses his pilots, Sabine in her TIE fighter has her wingman, Wedge (voiced by Nathan Kress from icarly), she tells him she is Ria Talla. They face Y-Wings. Sabine destroys two Y-Wings and checks on the damaged ship, she is ordered by Skerris to destroy it. The Ghost fires on Wedge’s TIE and destroys Sabine’s fighter. A simulation! The results are watched and the simulation pods are opened. Another pod opens and Skerris (Mario Vernazza) with mustache tells them about the deception of the Rebels. An Imperial shuttle lands at the base. It’s Governor Pryce and Agent Kallus. Sabine overhears three pilots having a whispered conversation.


She sees Wedge, he explains he was a cargo pilot, and doesn’t want to be part of the Empire. Sabine reveals her real name, but she doesn’t have a plan to escape. Kanan has Ezra calm down. Agent Kallus has finished his investigation. Wedge introduces Rake (Corey Burton again) and Hobbie (Trevor Devall) to Sabine. Hobbie is Hobbie Klivian, the pilot in ESB! This is a canon wiping with Hobbie in Expanded Universe joining the Rebellion with Biggs. They enter the TIE fighters and go into a simulated dogfight in space. A Blockade Runner suddenly appears with Ezra. The Rebel pilots pull away, Pryce warns them, and she blows off their wings. Rake is killed by TIE fighters. Kanan orders Chopper to have them jump to hyperspace before they are destroyed. Sabine takes off her helmet and watches them escape. Pryce interrogates the three pilots and shows them a torture device. Sabine gives up herself to save Wedge. Pryce figures out that Sabine was a cadet and sees that she’s a Mandalorian. Sabine knocks out the stormtroopers, but faces Pryce can fight trained by the Empire! She hits Pryce into the torture device and runs off with Wedge and Hobbie. Agent Kallus sees them and tells them what levels to avoid, he says he’s even with Gara Zevaralius. They take a TIE Bomber and Skerris is on them with a TIE Interceptor. He gets a few hits on the bomber before the Blockade Runner appears! On Atollon, Sabine introduces Commander Sato to Lt. Wedge and Hobbie, they all salute to him as Sato says, “Welcome to the Rebellion.”  This episode is to the point, nothing heavy, with important parts of the Rebellion. Five Lightsabers out of Five!