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Last Day of Celebration: Europe – Art of Storytelling!

Jedi Jondee here at Lucasfilm (via live streaming),


Art of Storytelling panel. Knoll explained the Lucasfilm motto, “Is there a better way of solving a problem.” LED screens showing the graphics projecting around the spaceship set. The second shot was the ship headed towards the beach. Knoll also added that it helped actor performances. More ILM X Lab showing the droid characters with a holographic X-wing battle in a person’s office. This was seen through the VR glasses. Theme parks were also mentioned as an application. Matthew Wood noted that a microphone was set in the Kylo Ren mask so Adam Driver could hear his voice as the other actors heard it. Kiri Hart talked about Skywalker Ranch and running into Dave Filoni and working on the season two finale of Star Wars: Rebels. Filoni noted that he wanted his office next to Kiri Hart’s office. He also noted that Rian Johnson loved the AT-AT driver. Filoni says that he just has to go to Celebration to overcome any Star Wars fatigue. They all said they don’t get Star Wars fatigue, but do get regular fatigue. For May the Fourth, a trick was played by having the stormtrooper models replaced with actual persons to scare passersby.

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Ray Park Unleashed panel. A clip was shown of Darth Maul and then Ray Park came on stage. He shook hands with Warwick Davis before taking a seat at the couch. Park talked about Empire Strikes Back was his first Star Wars film. Eight years old, he started martial arts and gymnastics. I showed some Monkey Style and Snake Style. Park learned Northern Shaolin. He talked about being on the Northern Britain Wushu team. Park was worried that his young martial arts students would not like that he played a villain, but they all loved Maul. Davis noted that tickets were given to train by Ray Park which he called the Darth Maul’tial Arts Academy. He gave a good spin to the lightsaber staff. Two kids, one dressed as Rey, and two adults with one dressed as Darth Maul. Three more kids went on stage along with an adult Jedi. He had the lightsaber turned to the side and a look around to use the Force. He had the audience lift up using the Force. Next, he showed some lightsaber blocks into a Sith pose. The Rey cosplayer had a nice spin to her lightsaber in dueling with Ray Park. The best part of Stage Wars is Warwick playing Obi-Wan falling down the pit by walking down the stairs and holding onto the stage.