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Star Wars: Rebels, “The Wynkahthu Job”, Review!

Jondee here at Wynkahthu,


The Ghost with the Imperial shuttle, Ezra reassures the others about the meeting with Hondo, Zeb is still angry at him. He has a new partner, Azmorigan whom we last saw in “Brothers of the Broken Horn” in season 2! James Hong returns to voice him. Hondo promises a profit for the Rebellion. The ships are in flight, Hera objects to Azmorigan, Hondo explains that they are after weapons. Proton bombs. They head to the planet Wynkahthu, Hondo has found escape pods there, Azmorigan has found the proton bombs on a cargo list. The AP-5 droid is ready to assist and Hera puts Zeb in charge. The Ghost heads to the abandoned freighter. Hera sends in the salvage team with their leader Zeb and Sabine waiting for them. In the dark, they attacked by an Ugnaught, it is Melch (Dee Bradley Baker) who was betrayed by Hondo. Zeb has them continue to the cargo hold. Sabine reports the high winds. Ezra uses his lightsaber to cut into the door while Chopper restores power from the bridge. The door opens anyway and they find the cargo! Hondo and Azmorigan fight over a cargo box. Zeb opens the cargo door, Zeb uses the winch to move over the cargo, firing a harpoon.


They send over the proton bombs, Sabine gets a magnetic lock and pulls them in, Zeb has Ezra work on the proton bombs not help Hondo. Zeb heads over to find the missing Azmorigan and faces a droid. Sabine takes in another shipment of bombs, a lightning strikes the control room, and Chopper reports that the ship is failing. Ezra is angry at Hondo for ignoring Azmorigan who is angry at Zeb for being imprisoned by the droid. AP-5 reports that it is a sentry droid. Ezra and Chopper free Zeb and Azmorigan. They hear the sentry droid that looks like Maxmillian from the Black Hole. Azgorigan panics and blasts the droid. He says, “Did you see me? I’m a hero!” AP-5 tells them that more sentry droids will be activated. Hera orders them off the ship. They reach the cargo hold and the sentry droids swarm them, as Hondo continues arguing with Azmorigan. Now, Ezra is worried about Melch. Ezra moves the proton bombs with Zeb riding and is caught by him. The cable breaks, but Zeb has Ezra who deflects the blaster bolts. They escape and Ezra thanks Zeb. Hondo opens the crate and finds Melch who hits him. Azmorigan argues over owning Melch. An average episode, but I guess the proton bombs will figure into the larger story. Three Lightsabers out of Five!