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Riverdale in the comics!

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If you believe Archie comics are the old fashioned comics that has no interest to you as a reader of compelling comics, I would say that would be the same as saying Batman is the character who fights with Zam! Pow! Biff! You are dealing with the past and not the present. Archie Andrews’ character is simple. He helps and backs anyone in town; stranger, neighbor, fellow student, everyone! Archie is fiercely loyal to his friends and is known for his red hair and freckles. You want to be his friend and know that he will hang out with you. Archie is played by K.J. Apa in Riverdale. He of course is one part of a love triangle part of which is occupied by Elizabeth “Betty” Cooper. She is the blonde rival for Archie’s affections, smart, ambitious to be a writer and just full of energy. Betty is played by Lili Reinhart. Her best friend is Veronica Lodge, raven haired, and the richest gal in town! Winning combinations for me. She is played by Camila Mendes.  Now matter how posh she is, Veronica is somehow very grounded, hanging out with Archie’s pals. I imagine she isn’t in a private school to hang out with Archie. Betty and Veronica have their own series by Adam Hughes. One of the endearing characters of the Archieverse is Jughead Jones, real name: Forseythe P. Jones, III. Jughead has a high metabolism because he has a massive appetite and thin frame. His hat is his lucky charm. Jughead is smart, but kinda clumsy dealing with other people, a perfect foil for Archie. He has a new series written by Chip Zdarsky with art by Erica Henderson. These characters first appeared in Pep Comics #22 (1941). Reginald “Reggie” Mantle played by Ross Butler is the jokester of the group, kinda selfish. Honestly, I keep getting Reggie confused with Jughead and don’t see his purpose, maybe the Riverdale show will clear that up. The current Archie comic is written by Mark Waid with art by Fiona Staples. One of the best characters is Josie who first appeared in Archie Pals `n’ Gals #23 (1963). Ashleigh Murray plays Josie McCoy, lead singer for Josie and the Pussycats. They had cat suits, but it looks like the show is going beyond that for now with just cat ears and leopard shirts. Asha Bromfield plays Melody Jones and Hayley Law plays Valerie Brown. The cartoon was wildly popular with the theme song sung by the voice actress of Valerie, Patrice Holloway. There was a film in 2001 with Rachael Leigh Cook, Rosario Dawson, and Tara Reid. I hope the song makes it somehow on the show.


Archie’s parents are classic actors, Luke Perry, plays Fred Andrews! Mary Andrews, Archie’s mom, is played by Molly Ringwald! Cheryl Blossom (Madelaine Petsch) is one of the later additions to the Archieverse, first appearing in Betty & Veronica #320 (1982). She is a red haired gal who has the money to rival Veronica and lives in Pembrooke, the upper class neighborhood. Cheryl hopes to pry Archie away from Betty and Veronica! Casey Cott plays Kevin Keller, he was introduced in Veronica #202 (2010) created by Dan Parent as the first openly gay character in Riverdale. Veronica had a crush on Kevin until he revealed the truth and they became friends. The interesting part was in The Married Life series which had Kevin married to Clay Walker, Clay is killed, and Kevin successfully runs for Senate! An alternate world, but reflecting the real world. I do miss Sabina, who was in the tv series starring Melissa Joan Hart, she was first showed in Riverdale in Archie’s Madhouse #22 (1962). She is currently in the Chilling Adventures of Sabrina by Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa and incredible artwork by Robert Hack. Maybe Sabrina, an actual witch, would be too much to bring in this series. The big push for Archie comics was The Archie Show cartoon show from Filmation. The best part of the cartoon was “Sugar, Sugar” from The Archies that was a number one hit in 1969 and was at the top for eight weeks! Ron Dante sung lead vocals for the song, a very nice guy I saw at an event, he’s on Team Veronica. There was a live action Archie special, Archie: To Riverdale and Back (1990), but this had Archie all grown up and returning to Riverdale. Riverdale produced by Greg Berlanti and the show runner is Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa. Aguirre-Sacasa wrote for Glee and a few episodes of Supergirl. Best of all, he is the chief creative officer of Archie Comics! He has brought an incredible direction for Archie respecting the past while taking him into bold directions. I was caught in the Archieverse with Afterlife with Archie, written by Aguirre-Sacasa with moody art by Francesco Francavilla (I’m a lifelong fan of his art from this series!). Plus the variant covers by Andrew Pepoy of Betty and Veronica are the best! It has all different kinds of horror are blended into the series beyond the zombie plague in Riverdale. If you ask what comic universe, Marvelverse, DCverse, or others I would like to enter for only a day, it would be the Archieverse! The show, Riverdale, premieres on Thursday, January 26th at 9 p.m. Don’t miss it!