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Elena of Avalor, “First Day of Rule”, Review!

Jondee here at Avalor,


Elena of Avalor debuted on the Disney Channel.  The storybook opens to the narration of Elena (Aimee Carrero) telling about her story, she is given a magical amulet that will protect her, then a sorceress, Shuriki, works to take over Avalor. The royal wizard, Alakazar, places Elena’s sister and grandparents into a painting. Elena goes to take on the sorceress, her wand blast has Elena drawn into the amulet. The royal wizard recovers the amulet and sends his spirit animal, Zuzo, a blue, mystical wolf to help her. 41 years later, Elena is freed and she restores her family. Elena destroys the wand of Shuriki and peace is restored in Avalor. This is the intro and it is heavy on exposition. Then, we get the episode, “First Day of Rule”, moving through the bay of Avalor where a winged leopard, called a Jaquin, Migs (voiced by Chris Parnell) soars. He is interrupted by another winged leopard, Skylar (Carlos Alazraqui). They are joined by another friend, Luna (Yvette Nicole Brown), who suggests that they find Elena. The Jaquins fly to the castle balcony of Elena who is anxious to be crowned queen. She runs into Zuzo (Keith Ferguson) and can see he wisecracking wolf even though he was not summoned by a wizard. Elena is magical with her stay in the amulet. She gives a gift, a journal, Isabel (Jenna Ortega). The princesses run to the table. Duke Esteban (Christian Lanz), Elena’s cousin, is already there with her grandparents, Francisco (Emiliano Diez) and Luisa (Julia Vera). They have found that Elena is 16 and too young to rule.


Francisco breaks into song with a guitar about a king not ready to rule, he is joined by Elena who sings that she is ready learning from her parents. This is interesting to see a princess who has to prove her worth. The song ends with Elena in a carriage with pigeons flying around her. The carriage heads over to the harbor. She is greeted Gabriel Nunez, Gabe (Jorge Diaz), a royal guard. Duke Esteban shows the princesses the docks which have changed since she was trapped. The shipmaster tells Elena about the needs of the ships and then his daughter, Naomi Turner (Jillian Rose Reed), tells about another lost ship. Elena goes with Esteban. While Isabel runs off to check on purple dogs running around a ship. They transform into goblins and overwhelm Gabe. Naomi sees the ship pull away and then informs Elena. She gets the attention of Skylar and the others to fly after the ship. Elena and Naomi ride the Jaquins to find the ship by air. Elena goes to get the help of Mateo (Joseph Haro), a wizard-in-training. Naomi sees in Mateo’s book, the knoblins, and gets the help of Mateo. The ship makes its way to a side river. Elena spots pages of Isabel’s journal. Elena frees her sister while Gabe picks up a sword. Mateo’s magic does not hold back the knoblins. Elena manages to escape them and Zuzo is there to advise her to figure out the knoblins. She introduces herself and talks to the leader, Jiku (Lucas Grabeel). Shuriki captured the knoblins to transform things into gold. Elena gives them the ship and they return with their friends. The ceremony, she appoints her Grand Counsel, Naomi is appointed, Esteban, and her grand parents are put on the counsel. She vows to protect Avalor as princess and a specter glows with magical energy. The Jaquins burst in and Elena talks to Zuzo ready for her adventures. A good animated show for young people and Disney fans. Four Magical Amulets out of Five!