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Arrow, “Invasion!”, Review!

Jondee here at the pod,


It’s the 100th episode and continuing the Heroes vs. Aliens cross over!  Ollie is running through a forest and we find it’s Queen Mansion, he goes to the shower and hands a towel to Dinah Laurel Lance (Katie Cassidy, yay!), his fiancee. A flash to see Ollie and the other abductees in pods. In the Arrow Cave, the rest of Team Arrow gets ready; Mister Terrific is excited about alien contact, Wild Dog not so much. Felicity and Cisco arrive and he introduces to the other heroes like Supergirl last episode. No Barry and suddenly Cisco is back to the old Cisco mentioning the task to find Oliver and Company, not the Disney film. Felicity gets Ollie’s bow to vibe it, Cisco sees the pod chamber. Felicity and Wild Dog are excited about tech so they can hack into it, Cisco has a piece of the crashed ship.  We get the Queen parents walking in, we saw glimpses of his father and his mother who died in season two. Sara sees Laurel, her necklace is of a canary, and this causes a flash. Ollie talks to his father going to be mayor, he wants Walter Steele to take over the company, so the company will be bought by Ray Palmer! Ollie sees a Smoak Technologies building and knows something is wrong before a robber tries to hold them up. Ollie stands up to him and an archer takes out the robber before slipping away. Talking to his father, Ollie flashes to the shipwreck, he was a distorted view of Laurel. Mister Terrific has a 3P0 processor, he’s the Cisco of the group, which he attaches to the piece of the ship and it explodes. Felicity says they need a regulator and it was stolen giving Laura Washington super powers. Ollie goes to talk to Captain Lance, he calls him the Hood, Ollie flashes to his Hood days. A map of Starling flashes to his mayor days. At the party, Laurel and Sara get drinks from Caity’s father. Ray Palmer is there and meting Sara, flashes to Legends. At the Merlyn building, Ollie activates an elevator into the Arrow Cave, Felicity is startled and the Arrow lands, it’s Diggle! They confront Ollie, Diggle flashes back, then Ollie to their time. He knows Diggle’s name and he takes off the hood. Felicity is wary, Ollie flashes to all of the Felicity moments, he reveals that his brother is dead by his hand (Season 4, the season of death), and Diggle tosses him out.

Arrow -- "Invasion!" -- Image AR508a_0272b.jpg -- Pictured (L-R): Stephen Amell as Oliver Queen and Katie Cassidy as Laurel Lance -- Photo: Bettina Strauss/The CW -- © 2016 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

The team, Wild Dog rides in on his motorcycle, Ragman and Mister Terrific are flashed to a building, then Supergirl arrives. Wild Dog has his gun out while Flash walks casually in as Supergirl joins them. He unmasks and tells them putting on a fancy costume does not make them heroes. Wild Dog gets it by an electrical blast from Laura (Erica Luttrell). Thea hugs her mother and gets a flash. The Lance sisters are getting ready and Ollie interrupts them, Sara walks out, she is angry over his walk out of the rehearsal dinner. Ollie wants to marry Laurel that moment. Diggle interrupts them, they walk and talk about the changes, Diggle shows Ollie a picture of a Dominator. A spinning camera, until there is the pushback, Deathstroke! The two fight with Deathstroke, but his sword is taken by Sara who kills him. Ollie tells her about Nanda Parbat. She flashes to last episode of The Flash and tells them the others are Ray Palmer and Thea. Wild Dog gets up to shoot at Laura, she baslts him , but he’s saved by the Flash. The Flash and Supergirl tag team to knock her down. Mister Terrific removes the regulator. Wild Dog says that they are good guys. Thea talks to Malcolm. Sara goes to talk to Ray with Felicity. Ollie sees his parents, they worry about him, flash back, he hugs them. Sara has talked to Thea, but she wants to stay in The Matrix, Ollie tries to convince her to leave. A great moment for both actors. Outside of the mansion, the group is assembled, Ollie is hit by an arrow from Malcolm, who is there with Deathstroke and Damien Dahrk. Speedy has joined them. Malcolm fights with Thea, Damien gets into it with Sara, Diggle is shot in the shoulder. Ray shoots Deathstroke, Thea kills Malcolm, shoots an arrow that Sara catches to kill Dahrk, nice! Malcolm tosses her brother the bow to kill Deathstroke. Laurel in her wedding dress calls for Ollie, Sara tells her that they have to go, again another nice farewell. At the Smoak building, they walk to a green Stargate, Ollie is about to walk in and then sees everyone he lost including Tommy and Roy Harper. They emerge from the pods. Mister Terrific calls the villain “Cyberwoman.”Ragman has found the code to be fro the Torah. They find that they are on a Dominator ship! The group runs into Dominators and Ollie takes an alien gun to kill them. They get to the hangar. This is totally V, the mini-series, and drop to be chased by a horde of ships. The laser effects are kinda hokey. A beam weapon is formed, but broken up by the Waverider which has them in a tractor beam before warping out. Nate is there welcoming them, telling them that the Nerd Army found them, Sara takes Diggle to get patched. Ray explains that the Dominators plan was to find intelligence. He has picked up some lien from the Dominator, “We are nearing completion of the weapon.” The Gene Bomb, the Dominator ship is headed to Earth! This was one of the best episodes of Arrow, dramatic, fun, and really everything it hasn’t been since season two. Four Arrows out of Five!