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Guns, Clothing, Game Modes, Challenges and Weekly Content Updates coming to Red Dead Online!

It looks like the Devs at Rockstar have heard the moans and groans of the fans and have decided to start giving us what we want. Actually, they were probably just waiting for after the shareholder phone conference to start ramping up the updates for what is sure to be the biggest video game franchise in history! There are plenty of numbers to back up that statement! As per the shareholder phone call, Red Dead Redemption 2 out sold its predecessors entire lifetime sales in just the first week alone! That’s 17 Million Copies! More than 23 million copies have sold Worldwide to date! It has become the single best selling entertainment medium off all time! 

With GTA V’s proven track record and success, RDR2 is going to be massive! Starting Feb 26th and every week after, look for new updates! Read the details on a new game, 3 new showdown modes, fishing challenges, player blips and more! 

I would expect one more information update early next week before the biggest update to Red Dead Online since it’s launch hits on February 26th! 

New Gameplay

Free Roam Event: Fool’s Gold

Players take turn wearing Golden armor, similar to the armor available in loot boxes during game events or the final story line mission. If you can take out the armor wearer you get a chance to wear it and take down anyone who gets in your way

I hope this armor becomes available in regular free roam! There is currently a bug which allows players to equip the armor in Free Roam but it does not give you any of the actual benefits. 

Competitive Challenges: Fishing! 

This challenge gives the players the chance to catch fish without the hassle of other players griefing you! You get the lure, pole, and even the bait for this challenge. The player to catch the highest weight of fish wins!

Showdown Modes: Up in Smoke, Spoils of War, and Plunder. 

Players and teams compete to capture and drop off bags and steal loot. 

Races: Target Races

Players will shoot targets from horseback as they race around the track to the finish line!

New Weapons: Evans Repeater & The Rare Shotgun

The Evans Repeater is a rifle that wasn’t available in the single player game but was in the original Red Dead Redemption. According to the Red Dead Wiki https://reddead.fandom.com/wiki/Evans_Repeater  its corkscrew design makes it a fast loader and boasting the largest capacity magazine of any gun in game with 22 rounds. 

The Rare Shotgun is a fancy version of the double barreled shotgun currently in game. It has an antique faded brass finish and a carved stock, probably some elaborate nature scene like the “rare” weapons in the single player game had.   


If shopping and customization is what tickles our fancy there’s going to be a ton of new clothes coming your way! The Diamondback Hat and the Rutledge Vest we teased in the official release as well as complete outfits, jackets, boots, coats, gloves, hates, vests and more! There will also be timid unique and special items that ill be available 

EMOTES– Everything from Greets and reactions to taunts. 

PS4 Early Access Content- Target races, Jawbone Knife, Clothes, & Emotes
PS4 players will have early access to Open Target Races, different from the Races mentioned above that is tracked based, players compete in an open space to take out the most targets on horseback.

PS4 players will also get early access to the Jawbone Knife, a unique melee weapon with a handle artfully carved from the remains of a slain animal’s jaw, as well as a range of new clothing options and 3 new Emotes.

Player Blips

“Griefing” was one of the biggest complaints in Red Dead Online. This next update is going to be changing the way players can interact with others as well as passing down greater consequences for unprovoked attacks and for aggressive game play. 

From now on players will only appear on the map if you are within 150 meters of one another. Players who fire their weapons will momentarily appear if they are slightly beyond that limit. Point being, you won’t be able too see players across the entire map like you currently can and if you can outrun aggressive players without firing your weapon, you can “lose” players easier. Neutral or friendly players will appear as blue blips on the mini map while more aggressive players will be increasingly darker shades of red. If a player racks up a bounty, NPC bounty hunters will chase them from state to state with more difficult groups of bounty hunters the higher the player bounty gets. There is no word on the fiscal impact, if any, that will accompany a player who racks up a high bounty and is killed. We might have to wait to see how that plays out live in game. 

Fixes to the Varmint Rifle

THANK THE  MAKER!!! One of the most frustrating glitches, and yes it was a glitch, was the Varmint Rifle. A .22 Caliber rifle that inexplicably blew your head off like it was a shotgun! The Varmint Rifle made all other long range rifles in game practically obsolete. At only $79 in game compared to $400-600 for other rifles it frustrated players who had spent time and money to purchase the more skilled long range guns. The Varmint RIfle’s rate of fire made it a favorite of nerf lovers who exploited the hell out of it in PvP. Now, the tables have turned and those who have become reliant on the gun are going to be behind those of us who played with the proper weapons! 

Bonus XP This Week
Play the Red Dead Online Beta all this week to earn 20% more XP on all activities ahead of the launch of these new updates on February 26. 

Bonus Giveaways, Promos, and Content Updates WEEKLY! 

Yet to be announced/rumors: 


According to the shareholder phone call, Rockstar projects jumps in revenue based on Red Dead Redemption 2 both in July and again in September. I suspect the jump in July would be due to the end of the Beta. The jump projected in September could be the result of Single player DLC coming. Potentially Undead Nightmare being that the Mask has been spotted on the shelf in the Fence located in Saint Denis. The water well where the mask is found is also in game as well as conversations in the Epilogue between John Marston and Uncle have some eerie foreshadowing to the events that unfolded in the first Undead Nightmare. 

According to this source, https://www.spieltimes.com/featured/rumor-red-dead-onlines-first-major-update-might-arrive-tomorrow/ who was right about the timing of the “major” announcement during a time when every other Youtuber and Blogger was doomsaying that we wouldn’t see a content update until July, there will be homes, wagons, and ranches to help players earn more money. The fact that this person was correct about both the timing and scale of the announcement I look forward to seeing what else actually drops next week!


Posse Hideouts


Horse and Wagon Fences- this was teased in the early story missions.