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Intergalactic SPCA: S...

The Intergalactic SPCA is dedicated to making sure that the smallest of the creatures in the galaxy are looked after. The tribble is cute, soft, and born pregnant? These poor creatures are being used for their fur and made to fight in illegal back alley fight clubs. Watch this video to learn more about what […]

Force For A Day

Have you ever been sitting around with a group of friends and you had a disagreement about something? Do you have that friend who always thinks he’s right? What’s the perfect bet between friends and geeks? What if you could have the Force for just a day? What if you could make your friend be […]

Night Pantz Comedy Troupe Talk...

We talk Harry Potter Vs. Lord of the Rings with two of the players from Night Pantz comedy troupe Ken Bresse @KenBreese and Santina Muha @SantinaMuha ! We also discuss the Comedy Renaissance currently going on in Los Angeles, white privilege, political incorrectness, and social commentary on what’s going on in the world today! FOLLOW […]