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10 Cloverfield Lane Be Prepared Spot!

Jondee here in a concrete bunker,

The new 10 Cloverfield Land spot, “Be Prepared”, opens with what seems like a survivalist PSA of getting ready including a “reinforced concrete bunker built 40 feet below ground.” This resolves to the bunker and the terrified face of Mary Elizabeth Winstead’s character, Michelle. She starts to make her way up the stairs that lead out of the bunker. John Goodman’s character, Howard, says, “There’s been an attack.” The three bunker survivors look up at the ceiling. HELP is crawled from the outside window. A flash of violent images, an explosion, a car crash. Michelle opens a vent and crawls up it to escape. We see a glimpse of what looks like Michelle running outside. Howard says, “Something is coming.” The sounds of howling. The best part is the Cloverfield title which has the addition of 10 and Lane to either side of it. 10 Cloverfield Lane opens on March 11th, this Friday, be prepared.