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10 Cloverfield Lane Trailer!

Jondee here at Cloverfield,

J.J. Abrams has surprised everyone with what looks like a sequel to the 2008 film, Cloverfield. That film followed some friends using found footage trying to survive a disaster in New York that turns out to be some kaiju. The military’s response was to bomb the creature. 10 Cloverfield Lane looks to take place in an underground shelter with three characters played by John Goodman, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, and John Gallagher, Jr. Goodman’s character uses a jukebox to play Tommy James and the Shondells, “I Think We’re Alone Now.” They go through a routine playing Life, puzzles, making sandwiches when something goes wrong. Gallagher, Jr. has his left arm in a sling. The song slows down and the tension ramps up. It looks like Goodman’s character is keeping them hostage. Winstead’s character slips away from him as he screams a warning. She looks outside of the bunker window horrified at something. 10 Cloverfield Lane comes out of the bunker on March 11th.