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Rogue One Teaser Trailer!

Jondee here at Yavin IV,

From the beginning, there is the light piano keys of the Star Wars piece “Binary Sunset”, setting the drama rather than the action (hint of the music by Alexandre Desplat? John Williams’ score is intact). Felicity Jones’ character is brought in as a prisoner past Rebel guards, across a hangar with an X-Wing, the narration covers her interrogation. Her name is Jyn Erso, it looks like this is another Rebel leader, General Madine? (he kinda looks like the Imperial officer, Admiral Motti), “forgery of Imperial documents, possession of stolen property, aggravated assault, resisting arrest.” “On your own from the age of 15, reckless, aggressive, and undisciplined”, this we find is the voice of Mon Mothma. Jyn is walking with the droid behind her and seen smacking down Stormtroopers and blasting. If anyone has doubts about Felicity Jones in an action role, I guess having not seen Daisy Ridley in Force Awakens, then this is dispelled there. Her interrogation scene is shown in the conference room with Mon Mothma and other Rebel leaders. It also looks like Diego Luna’s character eyes her.  She asks them, “This is a Rebellion isn’t it?” and then, “I rebel.”

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story (Felicity Jones) Ph: Film Frame ©Lucasfilm LFL

The mission, which is not explained in the trailer as suicidial, is shown with Star Destroyers overshadowed by the disc of the Death Star’s superlaser. It can be seen being placed in its holding. She’s given the task by Mon Mothma and the other Rebel leader. The blaring Imperial alarms is less jarring, more cool, anticipating action with the “This December” title. Jyn and Luna’s character walk out of the hangar as Rebel pilots scramble. An Imperial officer in white is seen (played by Ben Mendelsohn), the same uniform as Governor Adelhard from the Star Wars: Uprising game, then a scene with the new trooper in black with a face veil as stormtroopers march and man what looks to be a mobile tank. Then, we get Forest Whitaker’s character in armor and worn from seeing too many battles. His narration runs over the next scenes, “What will you do when they catch you?” Jyn is running down a corridor carrying some hand held data pad with a droid behind her. There is a scene with a line of Rebel pilots marched in with binders.  Then, we get to see Donnie Yen unleashed taking down stormtroopers with a staff. We haven’t seen any martial arts in the Star Wars universe besides some kicks by the Jedi and the video game, Star Wars: Masters of Teras Kasi (1997).


The battle with the black troopers is fierce and they blow up a Rebel shuttle. A figure in a white cape, the Imperial officer?, walks in the watery battlefield. This contrasted by a a figure in black, in a chamber flanked by the red masked Imperial Royal Guardsmen. It looks like Jiang Wen’s character is running with a blaster rifle. The other Rebels are on a beach while scores of Imperial walkers are firing on them! Whitaker’s narration ends with the question, “What will you become?” Then, we see Jan turning dressed in black Imperial armor. The last pieces of the piano plays as the title comes up, “Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.” Worth the wait? I can’t stop seeing this trailer except to dash off some thoughts. It sets up the new characters we going to follow in Rogue One, the mission, and some of the characters. The tone of the film seems to be there as well as the war film promised by Gareth Edwards. There are trailers and then there are trailers and then there is the Rogue One trailer, December 16th, can’t wait!