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Adventures in Wild Space: The Snare Review!

Jondee here on Thune,


This young readers series is published by UK publisher Edgmont. This book, is the first book, but The Escape also by Cavan Scott is a prelude. It is fully illustrated by David M. Buisan. Wild Space is the unknown region of the Star Wars galaxy. The Clone Wars series had Teth (in the film) and Mortis, planet of the Force wielding Ones in that part of the galaxy. It also held the world of Lira San which was the home world of the Lasat seen in Star Wars: Rebels. The Snare is set in the time period just after Revenge of the Sith. It follows sister and brother Lina and Milo Graf are on the run after their parents were captured by Captain Korda of the Empire. They in danger of their ship, the Whisper Bird, crashing. Lina has the family droid, CR-8R, called Crater, pilot the ship while she goes evac to reach the ship’s core. TIE fighters close on them and Crater suddenly activates a code to identify the ship as Starstormer One. They land on the planet Thune and encounter a Jablogian (same species as Azmorigan in Star Wars: Rebels). Morq, their pet lizard-monkey, swipes a can of insect repellent from the trader.


They are contacted by their father’s Sullustan agent, Dil Pexton, and Lina heads over to Thune City to meet him. Dil has set them up and in walks Captain Korda. He wants their parents’ navigational maps that the kids have found in Crater. Milo has trapped a Thunian wart-hornet, a toad with wings and a swelling poison. Korda sends a message to Milo about his captured sister and to meet him at a bridge in Thune City. He arrives there with Crater who sends out a high pitched scream that brings in swarms of the wart-hornets to attack Korda and his stormtroopers. Milo, Lina, and Crater use the insect repellent to protect themselves and reach a boat. They are chased down the canals by Korda on a speeder bike. Milo and Lina reach the Whisper Bird and take off. They pick up an unknown signal coming from the planet Xirl. Korda closes in on them with TIE fighters, but they jump to hyperspace. Darth Vader appears via hologram not happy with Korda. Original Star Wars characters, action, and a new part of the galaxy! Five Lightsabers out of Five!