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Adventures of Supergirl #1 Review!

Jondee here at National City,


Adventures of Supergirl appeared as a digital comic on January 25th. The pilot for the series debuted on October of last year and it is currently renewed for a second season on the CW. It is currently on Chapter 9. The comic book has hit comic book stands this week by Sterling Gates and artist, Bengal, with a cover of Supergirl flying by Cat Staggs. Bengal’s art doesn’t capture the likeness of Melissa Benoist, his Supergirl looks 13 with a juvenile build and platinum blond locks instead of Benoist’s dark blonde hair. She faces Rampage, a giant powerhouse woman who first appeared in John Byrne’s Superman #7 (1987). Like the Hulk, she’s a scientist and calls herself an alien “Byrnian”, ha! Rampage didn’t appear on the show (as of yet) so Gates is able to bring more comic characters into the Supergirl story.


The narrative is from Kara’s pov and it flashes back to her time on Krypton and her new life as Supergirl. She gets into an argument with Director Henshaw back at the DEO, Department of Extra-Normal Operations. Kara talks about the pacifist life on Krypton, but she has learned from the Midvale High bully. Her sister, Alex, is on a DEO helicopter to bring back Rampage. She wakens and throws Supergirl into the helicopter! We also get Winn and find out that Alex has a connection to Rampage which was her first DEO case. The story is brilliant, keeping the structure of the show with finding Fort Rozz escaped prisoners, but Supergirl is more sympathetic to them. I hope the art gets more accurate to the show. Four Kryptonite Bars out of Five!