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Alien Con 2019

This Years Ancient Alien Con had a whole new feel making the move from the Pasadena Convention Center to the massive Los Angeles Convention Center in the middle of Downtown LA. The panels were amazing and filled with some of the most innovative and leading experts in ancient alien theory. The people and fans were positive and open minded to the ideas that were being shared by both the panel experts and their fellow convention goers. The vendors had some of the finest books and alien/non-alien related items for sale. The con’s AlienCon App was a big help in keeping track of the panels and sharing pics with fellow Con Goers. Fans at the con who had stories to tell about their experiences with aliens and/or UFOs got their chance thanks to the social media team on hand who recorded their “Encounters”. This year’s big name guest was none other then the original Captain Kirk himself Mr. William Shatner who spoke in the main Hall on Sunday.

The panels are, in my opinion, the shinning star of AlienCon and the main reason I think that AlienCon is one of the best conventions and not like other mainstream cons like AnimeExpo or WonderCon. AlienCon doesn’t have the elitist feel between groups of clique cosplay fans. AlienCon is full of people who are open to the idea that there is more to the universe than what’s on this planet. The fans and vendors that go to AlienCon are seemingly more enlightened and kinder than you would find at other conventions. That kind of forward thinking apparently brings out the best people and gives AlienCon a warm tingly feeling.

The AlienCon panel line up was packed with amazing topics, I wish I was able to clone myself and be in several places at once. Sadly, I was not, and was only able to sit in on a handful of the panels I had wanted. An AlienCon panel is basically a live Ancient Aliens episode where you get to ask questions at the end. Amazing!!!

The first panel I got to see was “Ancient Aliens:The Ark of the Covenant” with David Childress, William Henry, Rabbi Ariel Tzadok, Jonathan Young and hosted by Rob O’brien.

This was a discussion about what the Ark of the Covenant could actually be as discussed across different religious texts of varying faiths.

Rabbi Tzadok referenced the ancient Jewish writings and spoke about multiple arks that exist on multiple planes of existence. One being on this planet and the other in heaven.

It was said that a lot of the people who had interacted with the ark radiated light. Moses had to wear a veil to protect his face from others. His skin was said to be luminescent after he received the 10 commandments. It was believed that the ark was radioactive.

The ark had multiple purposes, it was even said to fly. Rabbi Tzadok recounted a tale of Ark legend that Moses and Aaron were challenged by Israelites as to their plan, wondering the desert, and if even the Ten Commandments were real. The brothers had known how dangerous the ark was if proper protective gear was not worn. The two led the delegation to the tent where the ark was kept. They allowed the delegation, which was looking to overthrow Moses and Aaron, to open the ark of the Covenant. Moses and Aaron fell to the floor when the Isrealites opened the ark and everyone was killed on the spot. Moses instructed that the bodies and belongings of the people killed be disposed of. It was not to be taken and would cause harm and sickness if it was. The theory is that the items and people were radioactive.

The Mayans dominated Central America for over 2000 years but mysteriously abandoned their cities and vanished from existence. In Ancient Aliens: Secret of the Mayans with David Childress, Jason Martell, David Silver, Giorgio Tsoukalos, and Erich Von Däniken the leading experts in the field of ancient alien theory shared their thoughts on what happened with the Maya.

Jason Martell and Childress both believed that the Mayan calendar was misinterpreted. The Mayan long count calendar marked ends of eras and they speak about a return of the gods someday along a 24,000 year cycle.

Aliens in Antartica was a fascinating look into the idea that there is an Alien base or a physical entrance into “middle earth”. A lot of the Antarctic airspace is a “No fly zone”

In the current season of Anceint Aliens there is an episode where they speak with “Ryan S.” “Ryan” was pilot who violated the no fly zone and was later met by the “Men In Black.” “Ryan S” said that he saw a hole near the no fly zone 300 feet wide. He was warned that he was never to repeat what he saw.

Skinwalkers were a Native American legend about people who can shape shift into different creatures. Skinwalker ranch has been said to have had several sightings of creatures not of this earth as well as some strange paranormal activity happening to its visitors.

Bob Bigalow. Set out to look for a scientific approach to figuring out what was going on with the ranch.

Some of the ranch workers claim that when activity on the ranch is ranch related there is little to no abnormal phenomenon. When other intent is taking place, more phenomena takes place.

Is it haunted? Are they Aliens? Is it cursed? The area is said to be the resting place of Aztec gold. They shared a clip from a deeper look into “The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch.” Which is set to premier on the History Channel.

Unidentified Is the newest hit television show that tackles the issue of unexplained flying objects UFOs or Unidentified Ariel Phenomena UAPs.

Lou Elizondo was an active duty pilot who lead AATIP, the militaries official channel for the reporting of UFO and UAPs. He broke his silence in a story published in The NY Times in 2017. He is leading the charge in getting Congress and the military to remove the stigma behind the reporting of UFO/UAPs.

Tom Delong from blink 182 is another individual who is leading the charge for full disclosure of UfOs. Tom was involved in the Wiki-leaks disaster and he suffered a set back when many of his contact disappeared fearing threat of exposure. Tom recovered from the bad press and is still lobbying and pushing for the government to lift the veil of secrecy.

One of the more interesting panels of the con the idea was shared that Microbial life does exist and the earth is being seeded by thousands of viruses a day. Science can not explain it. It’s basically raining alien germs constantly.

Some of the foods that we consume today have no evolutionary ancestry. Foods like the Potato, corn, or the banana. Banana is a grass. It has no seeds and is a complete fruit. It makes no sense. Really makes you wonder.

Balance rock is a place where native Americans would take their seeds to be charged by the energy to guarantee a good crop. When scientists examined these seeds they found that they were genetically stronger than normal seeds.

The land of Giants was an eye opening discussion into the idea that Giants were a group of cannibalistic elite humans between 7-20 feet tall. They were said to eat each other in order to consume that persons magic.

In a place called Lovelock cave 6-8’ tall red haired people were discovered. A size 29 sandal was also found inside of the cave. The cave is located in the same area were there is a legend about a race of giants who were huddled into a cave and destroyed.
Giants and humans might have mated and created a hybrid race of humans.
Finding Giants skeletons is not a rare thing. There have been around 1,200 7-18’ giants that have been collected by the Smithsonian In the 1800s.

Ancient Aliens: What lies beneath was a panel that explored the idea of alien life existing under the water. Most of the planet was covered in water at one point in time. Evidence of this can be found in the Fish fossils still be found in modern deserts.
James Cameron holds the record for the deepest exploration of the ocean, the Mariana Trench. Very little work has gone into the exploration of our oceans for Ultra-terrestrials. An Ultra-terrestrial is an alien who is from earth.
Ancient myth speaks about Poseidon being responsible for founding Atlantis. It was said the he mated with humans.

Off the coast of Malibu there’s a 3000 foot structure that appears to pillars. The structure is about 2000 feet under the surface of the water and is visible on thermal satellite.

The search for alien life in the oceans might be over already. Octopus don’t share any evolution commonality with current ocean life. Panspermia is a theory that life was seeded. There is a theory that Octopuses would have traveled here as they were either in space or they rode in on a vehicle and were deposited here.

William Shatner was the keynote speaker for this year‘s Alien Con 2019. He shared the stage with Ancient Aliens producer and creator Kevin Burns. Kevin Burns had an autograph that William Shatner had signed for him when Mr. Burns was just getting started in Hollywood in the early 70’s. The two men laughed at how sloppy William Shatners signature was. Kevin Burns joked that people should always be kind to each other because you never knew who could be your boss someday.

William Shatner spoke about how important it is that shows like Ancient Aliens and Unidentified exist. He shared his thoughts on how he believed that these kinds of shows have helped open the mind  of people in political power who can do things to help get the information out.

EeNo convention would be complete with out  someplace to spend lots of money. AlienCon had its own line up of very nice merchandise including t-shirts, hoodies, and tote bags. The official merch booth was well run and I never saw too big of a line any day of the con. Inside the marketplace, which was located in Hall J of the convention center, was half filled with vendors selling books, artwork, and jewelry. There was an alien lab scene for photo opps. Vendors were selling crystals, statues, artwork, and the famous gold pin of the ancient flying machine that Giorgio Tsoukalos wears on his lapel. The other half of the hall was dedicated to autographs. It did feel like the hall was too big for the amount of vendors that were there and the space between the autograph section and the vendor area was large and off-putting.

I stopped by a colorful booth that was selling precision D20 dice and cases. The name of the company was “Gravity Dice” www.gravitydice.com, and their owner, Jim, was happy to talk to us and show us his wares. He is very proud of their craftsmanship and he guaranteed that the player can be confident that they are getting the treat cast when they throw their dice on the table. Use discount code: GD15 to save 15% off your online order!

I ran into a producer of an indie film project called “Agents of Project Blue Book”. He was handing out fliers and asked me to follow them on Facebook. He gave me a t-shirt so I thought I would mention him and his project! Good luck to him!

The 501st Cosplay group was present talking to fans about joining the large cosplay group which does a lot for charity and volunteer organizations.

Cosplay Contest Winner: Alien from “Attack the Block”

One of the highlights of AlienCon is The Ancient Alien Party and Cosplay Contest. Fans gathered in the Concourse Hall to dance the night away to popular jams. It’s an opportunity for the fans to come together and have fun and is a unique aspect to conventions. Most cons don’t do this and I think it’s a great idea. I met the most charming mother daughter who traveled to the convention from Utah. The daughter, who is only 17, was brave enough to stand up during one of the Q&A sessions and ask permission to hand deliver letters to members of the panel. She has been inspired by many of the panelists to follow a path in Ancient alien investigation. Her mother owns a pet store in Utah called “Healthy Pets” www.healthyPetSummitCounty.com. Moments like that are what set apart AlienCon from other conventions. The “stars” are not celebrities, they are journalists, scientists, former politicians, doctors, and spiritual leaders. The “Fans” aren’t average fans, they are drawn to the conventions ideas, information, and shared experiences that we all have.

The costume contest is held during this event with the judging taking place earlier in the day. The fan who won this year did so with an amazing rendition of the alien from “Attack the Block”. Totally original creation complete with glowing teeth and a voice box that growled!

Overall AlienCon was a success in regards to the good people it draws from all over the country, the vendors who love interacting with crowds, and the panel speakers who treat the con guests with respect and willingly share their opinions and insights.

The downside to the con was that it was in such a large venue that the crowd size felt smaller than it probably was. Being in such a large venue obviously cost more and unfortunately that cost was passed down to both the con goer and the vendors. I heard several complaints about the cost of vendor booths vs. the amount of the crowd who came out to purchase. Perhaps keeping the con in just hall J/main Hall would have been enough. The amount of seats put out was never filled to capacity for any of the panels. In the end the higher ticket price might have been too off putting for some of those who might have come out the previous year. The amount of vendors set up in the marketplace/Hall K would have filled in the remaining space of Hall J and would have given the convention a lower ticket price and would have been better attended. The autograph section was a good 50 yards away from the market place and gave the whole area a very unwelcoming “No mans land” type feel.

Given that the topic of UFOs, UAPs, and extraterrestrial life is starting to only gain popularity I can only see this convention becoming one of the most popular in the world once the convention organizers can find a balance in the price of the tickets and the venue. I look forward to next years AlienCon!