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AlienCon 2018- Review

AlienCon 2018 was held at the Pasadena Convention Center June 15-17th 2018, this is the second time that the convention has been held at this location. AlienCon is a weekend full of panels with experts in ancient alien and extraterrestrial theory. The convention itself is built around the very popular History Channel show “Ancient Aliens”, which is celebrating its 10th year in production. AlienCon was full of Ancient Alien favorites like the shows Producer and most popular host, the man with the hair, Giorgio Tsoukalos. Joining Giorgio for the weekend of conspiracy and fun was former UK Minister of Defense Nick Pope, Ancient Alien Expert, David Childress, Chariots of the Gods? author Erich Von Daniken, and investigative journalist Linda Moulton Howe. Celebrity guests included Stranger Things 2 and Lord of the RingsStar, Sean Astin and The X-files David Duchovny and Mitch Pileggi. Fans of all ages gathered in cosplay and dawned their favorite alien inspired wear. Trekkies, Aliens, and Jedi, oh my! AlienCon isn’t like other conventions. There are vendors selling everything from books and posters about aliens and ancient alien theory but also many other vendors selling mystic books and materials, healing crystals, artwork and other related souvenirs and collectibles. The stars and celebrities were available for autograph sessions throughout the weekend. On Saturday night special guests were treated to an evening of dancing, drinking, and fun at the AlienCon Party held in the Orion room of the event.
If you weren’t able to make it to AlienCon 2018 check out our review of the panels we were able to get to as well as all of the pics from the weekend in our Gallery below!
Thank you to everyone who came out and made this amazing weekend possible and fun!

Ancient Aliens: Beyond Roswell with Linda Moulton Howe, Nick Pope, David Childress, and Mike Bara.

Ancient Aliens: Beyond Roswell went in depth into one of the most famous UFO crashes of all time: Roswell, New Mexico. However, the mystery doesn’t stop there. It’s been 70 years since the crash. Since then much more info has been discovered and disclosed. According to the panel experts, UFO crashes are more common then the public is lead to believe. One of the other lesser known American UFO Crashes took place in Aztec, New Mexico in 1948.
The panel discussed the constant efforts to discredit credible sources and the length the government has gone through in silencing critics and whistle blowers. The panel discussed the creation of MJ12 after the saucer wave began to hit the US in the late 40’s and early 50’s.
Linda Howe shared that there was a long standing military order after Roswell to engage and bring down any and all UFO’s, the order was suspended due to the high level of casualties the US military was suffering fighting the more advanced UFO’s. The recent “crashes” of American military aircraft, according to Mika Bara, could be a re-institution of the order to try and shoot down UFOs.

Former UK Minister of Defense, Nick Pope, says that he is a man who is bound by his oath of secrecy and despite the pressures he feels, he cannot reveal what he knows, even if it is to save humanity. He feels that his oath is in place to protect secrets from those who would use them against mankind. According to Pope, he feels that keeping his is oath is protecting mankind, for now. He was praised by several “former military” people during the Q&A for keeping to his oath. I hope he changes his mind if the aliens who show up who are not friendly and start taking humans.


The History of Egypt with Ramy Romany

One of the most Amazing things about Ramy Romany’s History of Egypt panel is that there is new information and discoveries being made every day. Ramy recounted being caught in a sandstorm in Egypt and stumbling over the arm of a mummy buried in the sand. He was able to feel that the mummy had a few amulets on it but being that he was not in that area as part of an actual dig, it would be illegal for him to exhume the mummy. He claims he covered it back up. He also says that this is a testament to the amount of history that is still buried underneath the sand. Romany commented on the amount of ancient artifacts that are so numerous they are scattered everywhere you look. Ramy says that most of Ancient Egypt is yet to be discovered because it is still buried under sand.
Romany referred to the recently discovered Surveyors Papyrus, the oldest known Ancient Egyptian papyrus which is from the building of the Great Pyramid’s of Giza under Khufu. This papyrus describes floating the blocks of stone used to build the great pyramids via canals, which ran closer to the pyramids when they were first being constructed. It’s been newly discovered that the time that it took to build the pyramid was slightly off. Previous accounts had the pyramids being built in 20 years. The latest information has the pyramids taking nearly 46 years to complete.


25 years of The X-Files w/Mitch Pileggi and David Duchovny

It was a very spoiler intensive panel with David Duchovny and Mitch Pileggi. After 25 years of getting people to believe the truth is out there the men who brought life into Moulder and Skinner took the stage to the thunderous applause of the early morning panel crowd.
Both actors said that they did not enjoy doing the physical side of the work again. It was more difficult then they had both remembered. Chris Carter laughed at Pileggi when he saw that he was moving a lot slower than he used to. Pileggi recalled getting out of a chair and grunting and Carter saying, ”Ha ha… Now you know what old age feels like!”
When the actors were asked by an audience member if they believed in the subject matter of The X-Files and that they were doing their part in bringing “disclosure” to the masses, Duchovny conceded to Pileggi who simply answered “No.”
They had mentioned during the panel that they are entertainers who enjoy playing a role in a what they call a mystery drama.
David Duchovny said that it took a little while to get back into the character after being off for so long but once he did he felt at home again.
He mentioned that time and technology has changed the way the X-Files is written and shot. The use of cell phones and the internet has allowed the actors to not have to be in the same scene at the same time, so they got more time off.
When Mitch Pileggi was asked about Skinner’s death and the hope’s that he will return, he surprised the crowd by saying “Skinner isn’t dead.” If the X-Files does not come back on the air, Skinner’s fate is to be left to the viewers imagination however he and creator, Chris Carter, have spoken about it and he is not dead, and he will return in a new season if one is made.


40 years after Chariots of the Gods?

Erich von Daniken published his groundbreaking book in 1968 one year before man landed on the moon. At the time that Von Daniken was trying to get his book published it was rejected by over 20 different German publishers. The original,  Erich Von Daniken admits, is completely out of date. He says that as a young man he was quick to believe what he had heard and having limited research available to him he made a lot of assumptions.

Giorgio Tsoukalos first heard Erich von Daniken speak at the age of 15 in Switzerland, where the both of them lived at the time. The two men have become close friends since then. Giorgio has picked up and continued Erich’s pursuit of finding the truth about mankind history and where we actually came from.
Erich Von Daniken was raised in a strict Catholic Jesuit school. Erich never felt like the stories in the bible didn’t make sense. He felt that it was strange, that passages in the Bible referenced God in a physical manner, needing devices to speak to man and to travel from place to place. A Jesuit priest didn’t dissuade Erich from his curiosity but recommended he look into the texts of Enoch, on one of the forbidden books of the Bible. The story of Enoch resonated with Erich von Daniken. He describes reading the story and having the realization that it didn’t sound like Enoch had experienced a close encounter with God but more of a close encounter with the physical being from another planet. Erich von Daniken says that Enoch describes the sounds of the rooms he was in, machines turning. Enoch describes going to different rooms on board the ship and being taken into space and saying that he was able to look out of the window and see the curvature of the Earth. A fact back in the day that was not well known. Most still believed the earth was flat.
One of the funniest points that Erich Von Danaken pointed out about his book, Chariots of the Gods? was when he first published the book he was chastised by the scientific community for making outrageous fact-less claims. He reminded everyone that he didn’t make many claims but rather asked a lot of questions, the book itself has over 240 question marks.
Despite believing in life on other planets and our origins possibly being started by an ancient alien race, he maintains that he believes in God and has a very strong faith.


Ancient Aliens: Mysteries of Antartica w/ Linda Moulton Howe, Nick Pope, David Childress, and Mike Bara.

Antartica has been shrouded in mystery and ancient alien theory every since Operation High Jump in 1948. It’s a well known Ancient Alien theory that Admiral Byrd’s expedition to Antartica had discovered the entrance to “Inner Earth.” Inner Earth is said to be a self-sustaining eco-system inside of the Earth’s crust. Byrd was said to have been abducted by the Aliens who were living in Inner Earth and was told by the Aliens to tell mankind to stop Nuclear warfare. Byrd returned with half his men and ships. Byrd had warned that we should be preparing for an invasion from the poles. Admiral Byrd was hospitalized in a mental institution after the ordeal. Several years later, Admiral Byrd’s son was invited to Washington D.C. to speak about his father. He disappeared and was found days later dead in an abandoned warehouse.
James Forrestal former head of MJ12 wanted to go public with the information about life outside of earth. He was met with a lot of resistance and was eventually hospitalized for stress. Forrestal later “committed suicide” by jumping out of his hospital window. Forestal, prior to his suicide, said he had seen a “preying mantis” type individual entering his room.
“Vostok Lake” in Antarctica is a lake rumored to have an entire ecosystem thriving around it. Attempts have been made to drill to the lake, however, there are several precautions and hazards present. The main risk in drilling to the lake is potentially releasing a virus or bacteria that could decimate the current population.
The actual continent of Antartica is covered under miles of ice. The land itself is rumored to have ancient structures including pyramids.


Ancient Astronaut Theory with Erich Von Daniken and Giorgio Tsoukalos

It has been 50 years since Erich Von Daniken began his research into Ancient Astronaut theory. He published ‘Chariots of the Gods?‘ in 1968. Since then, Erich Von Daniken has written over 46 different books and has sold over 76 million copies worldwide. Both he and Giorgio Tsoukalos grew up in Switzerland. “The Gods Never Left Us”, Erich Von Daniken says is part two of Chariots of the Gods?” And has been updated with more information.

Finger of a Giant found in Egypt

Many ancient texts talk about a time when Giants roamed the earth. No substantial evidence has ever been found, until recently, in Saqqara, Egypt. Recently a man-like finger was found and measured over 36 cm long. The finger is anatomically correct complete with knuckle joints and a nail.
Erich Von Daniken talked about Ezekiel in the bible. Ezekiel talks about being abducted and describes technology that is just now coming to fruition. Like the wheel Ezekiel described as being able to move forwards and backwards in any direction. Ezekiel said he met shimmering men who took him into their ship. They gave Ezekiel a measuring tool and told him to measure out a space to be built later. A digital reconstruction of what was described in the bible clearly describes a landing port and a space ship that Ezekiel was taken into.

Erich and Giorgio feel that mankind and our religions may be based on a “Cargo Cult” ideology. A “Cargo Cult” is the idea that a technological inferior society would start to worship the more advanced society. We saw this happen on remote islands in the Pacific during WWII. Allied planes that had landed on islands that had indigenous people who had never interacted with the outside world began to worship the planes and their pilots as gods. After the allied forces left the islands, the indigenous people would build effigies of the planes in order to get them to return.


The AlienCon Party

The AlienCon After Party was an evening of like-minded individuals coming together and having a good time to some of earths best music. People came in costume and as far away as Georgia Russia and Tallahassee Florida. Some came from Utah while others were playing in their own backyard. Whatever galaxy or home planet we claimed, the great thing I noticed about the people at the party and at the convention in general is the camaraderie. People of all ages were exchanging information and ideas about what they believed and thought. 12-year-old speaking with 60-year-olds about the possibility of worm holes and life on Mars. Everyone was warm and friendly.
Sure, AlienCon has its problems like any other convention. Too many people standing in line and not everybody gets to get into the panel they want to see. However the overall feel of the convention is a lot different than most Conventions you might go to today. There are vendors selling their wares but not so many where it feels like that’s what the con is trying to do. Of course there is merchandise available for purchase. But it’s not as in your face as other conventions, AlienCon seems to be on flowing on a deeper level. AlienCon seems to be more about the exchanging of information and ideas on the grander scale then what’s out there. The average AlienCon attendee doesn’t seem so inwardly focused and therefore seems to be a deeper level of awoken individual. Every person I spoke to or interacted with had a smile on their face and was warm and friendly. I look forward to next years AlienCon and learning how much more we’ve learned about this little rock of ours and it’s relation to our cousins across the Universe.