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Aquaman #2 Review!

Jondee here at Atlantis,


Aquaman continues with a fine cover by Joshua Middleton, Aquaman is the central figure with a closeup of Mera swimming at the bottom and at the top is the looming red eyes of Black Manta! This is the second part of The Drowning, “Full Circle”, by Dan Abnett with art by Scot Eaton.  It opens with a flashback to the Geoff Johns origin which has Arthur struggling with Manta’s father on a boat and ending with him snapping the man’s neck. So nothing has changed from the New52. This ends with Manta seeing his father and then transitions to his helmet during his current conflict with Aquaman. He sets off explosives that rip apart Spindrift Station. Again, security is light if explosives can be brought into the embassy and also no security monitoring? A generic soldier, with no Sark we get a typical guard, works on evacuating the people. Aquaman is more worried about getting the unconscious Mera to safety which the British lieutenant Joanna takes care of while seeing Aquaman slam into a wooden door to rip out the harpoon from his shoulder! Crickey indeed. Aquaman lashes out at Manta while confessing killing his father showed him responsibility for his actions and made him Aquaman. Nice splash page of Aquaman striking Black Manta with his trident. He knocks off Manta’s helmet revealing his scarred face. Aquaman says their feud won’t end so he surrenders to Manta giving him the trident! He falls to his knees defeated. Mera reunites with Aquaman while Manta is taken away. No Atlantean guards? The truck Manta is held in is blown up and he escapes to see a woman in black with the Deadshot cybernetic eye and guards. She says, “We may have mutual interests.” Four Tridents out of Five!