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Aquaman #5 Review!

Jondee here at Antarctica,


This issue is basically Aquaman and Mera vs. the U.S. military. The cover by Bradley Walker has Aquaman tearing off a cannon from a tank while bullets strike his orange scaled armor next to Mera. This part of The Drowning, “Executive Sanction”, is by Dan Abnett with Philippe Briones continuing the bi-monthly artwork. The comic begins with several Apache attack helicopters closing in on Aquaman and Mera. They request permission to open fire, on American soil?, collateral damage. They open fire with 30mm Chain Guns and Aquaman and Mera dive for cover. Mera in fact, flips of a wall, over the mass of troops and rips off the 120mm cannon from an Abrams tank! The soldier in the turret is knocked out and Mera throws the cannon at an Apache. Splash page, just in case you didn’t realize how powerful is Aquaman, Arthur holds up the crashing helicopter by its cockpit! Then, just in case the artillery isn’t enough, they plow through the soldiers. In the White House Situation Room covered with crimson lights, Chief of Staff, Mr. Gantry wants action taken for Aquaman leaping away to Major Shurman. She argues with him, but he is driven to take down Aquaman before getting a call from the president.


Another splash of Aquaman and Mera bashing troops. He is shot in the back by a mounted turret that shreds some of his armor. Aquaman knocks out the gunner, but the military jeep he is on is hit by cannon fire. Another splash cut by Mera standing in front of the Abrams tanks. She uses her powers to vent all of the water in the tanks. They start to argue during the fight with Mera asking him if the betrothal is off. Atlantis, Tula, lady regent of Atlantis when Aquaman is away, is receiving reports from Captain Siron that the military is authorized to kill Aquaman. Close-up, Tula orders the war fleet, trouble. Antarctica, we get the base of N.E.M.O. Black Manta is brought before the leader of N.E.M.O., the Fisher King, a genial fisherman-type with white beard. Amnesty Bay, the lighthouse, Lt. Joanna Stubbs meets with officer Erika Watson, both are wondering about Aquaman. He is busy taking down the armored vehicles with Mera until they encounter the guest star! This is ramping up with almost pure action (all on land) mixed with some character development. Five Tridents out of Five!