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Aquaman: Rebirth #1 Review!

Jondee here at Spindrift Station,


Geoff Johns revitalized Aquaman with his run on the New52, this kinda sputtered out, and some other writers took over. I liked Jeff Parker’s run on the title following Johns ending with Aquaman on a quest to find his mother through gates. Dan Abnett took over at the end of the New52 taking on a new aquatic foe, Dead Water, and an old one, the Scavenger. He continues with the Rebirth titles. The dynamic cover of the Aquaman: Rebirth special is by series artist, Brad Walker, has a close up of Aquaman and his trident in frothing bubbles. The beginning with art by Oscar Jimenez has schools of fish scatter from movement through the water leading to a splash page of Aquaman swimming, awesome. Scott Eaton handles the art chores for the last part of the issue. He is communicating with Mera at the Spindrift Station in Massachusetts. Spindrift refers to the spray in a storm. She is monitoring him at the Atlantean base that is an embassy for Atlantis and the surface world. Aquaman is going after the Deluge who want to destroy the surface world. They are riding massive Liopleurodons, prehistoric marine reptiles, and futuristic submersibles. Aquaman reaches the group and identifies their leader, Corum Rath. He has strapped fusion bombs to the reptiles. Mera worries about the Deluge getting closer to their target and consults with Garth, this is the former Aqualad. She thinks of the mockery by the surface dwellers for Aquaman while he’s putting his life on the line. He convinces the Liopleurodons to surface. Commentators talk about the threat of Aquaman and also a survivor from the invasion by Atlantis led by Orm, Aquaman’s half-brother, known as Ocean Master. He brings the reptile down by lighthouse and drops Corum Rath. Then, we get Sam’s Seafood where Arthur is ordering when Mera enters. They talk over clam chowder, he suspects that there is something behind the Deluge. It is clear that Mera is holding Aquaman together. This is the conclusion of a villain monitoring them who also vows to destroy the Spindrift Station before putting on his helmet, seen in another splash page, Black Manta! Interesting plot lines, no reboot of the character, every effective Aquaman comic is its depiction of the aquatic life, which this excels. Four Tridents out of Five!