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SDCC NEWS! Atari Launching Wearable BLADE RUNNER Technology

SDCC News: Atari® announced a partnership with leading action figure and collectibles maker NECA to introduce wearable technology products for BLADE RUNNER 2049, the sequel to Ridley Scott’s 80’s sci-fi cult classic, coming to theaters on October 6, 2017. The first wave of all-new Atari Speakerhats, powered by Audiowear, the technology company creating next-generation individual and social audio experiences will be joined this fall by a Limited-Edition BLADE RUNNER 2049

Atari is throwing its hat almost literally back into the ring with its announcement of a new console in, forever…it’s a real thing. See:

The Speakerhat is a baseball-style hat with hi-fi stereo speakers and mic that can connect instantly to any Bluetooth-enabled device, enabling phone calls, audio/music, and voice control. The patented Speakerhat, combined with Social Synchronous Broadcast technology, will enable Multiplayer Mode: multiple Speakerhat users to simultaneously listen to a single audio stream in perfect synchronization, a fundamentally new social audio experience. Speakerhats have been precision-designed and engineered to the highest audio standards to deliver to a range of active consumers, including gamers, outdoor and fitness enthusiasts, skaters, musicians, sports fans, and tech early-adopters.

“Atari has transcended its seminal gaming origins to become a true pop-culture lifestyle brand, but disruption remains deeply rooted in our DNA,” said Atari Connect COO, Michael Arzt. “With the recent reveal of our Ataribox project and now with Speakerhats, we envision a full range of connected personal devices that live at society’s intersection of entertainment, technology and social connectivity that legendary film worlds like BLADE RUNNER 2049 foretell.”

“BLADE RUNNER 2049 made a distinctive and memorable mark with its recent reveal trailer that skillfully captured and evolved the aesthetic presented in the classic original film. Atari was an enduring and essential element in the sequel filmmakers’ world-building,” said NECA COO, Joel Weinshanker. “The minute the new trailer hit, we started getting requests for Atari-branded BLADE RUNNER 2049 products and knew we’d need to partner with Atari to satisfy the countless joint fans of both franchises.”

The Limited-Edition Atari BLADE RUNNER 2049 Speakerhat will ultimately be joined by a variety of Atari-branded lifestyle products such as high-tech wearables and apparel based on its popular IP, as well as various audio and gaming gadgets. To learn more about Atari Speakerhats and future Atari connected-lifestyle products, visit AtariLife.com.

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