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Batman `66 Meets Wonder Woman `77 #1 Review!

Jondee here at the Finlay Mansion,


First, this is monumental, the meeting of Adam West’s Batman and Lynda Carter’s Wonder Woman! Next, this makes me wonder what about a Superman `55 title? The middle of the Adventures of Superman show run. I could write it, first issue, Lex Luthor comes to Metropolis, Perry White assigns Clark and Lois investigate the high profile businessman along with Jimmy to take pictures. Luthor shows them his lab where he unveils his latest project, Kryptonite! This is a job for Superman! The Batman `66 title has been bringing the fun of the show we miss respecting it’s tone while bringing in comics continuity. Wonder Woman `77 is simply stunning, the show only hinted at comic book villains and we have gotten Cheetah and disco queen, Silver Swan! The writers of these titles, Jeff Parker and Marc Andreyko have teamed up along with David Hahn who is new to these comics. Hahn brings a retro look to the iconic characters, I would have liked more color tones for the 40’s flashback, but this is great! The issue features a cover by Michael Allred having Batman clinging to Wonder Woman’s Invisible Jet while Robin sees them in the Batcopter, love it. The comic opens with a robbery by the most nefarious of cat burglars, Catwoman, even better this is the Eartha Kitt Catwoman. She has clawed Finlay with her cat-nip tipped claws to enter his vault and take – a book, The Lost World of the Ancients, our McGuffin. She hands over the book to a mysterious woman in a coat, we later find out Talia al’Ghul! Batman and Robin arrive in the Batmobile and take Catwoman into custody while Talia escapes in a car with the shadowed occupant, we know it’s Ra’s al Ghul! This is so perfect I’m putting it into the continuity of the show, it happened!


Catwoman trades leniency to her sentence in exchange for the necklace she stole from Talia. At the Batcave, Batman identifies the necklace in the Batcomputer as connected to the League of Shadows! Alfred reminisces with Bruce to two decades ago with Bruce’s father holding a Wayne Foundation auction. He meets there the young Talia with her father complete with green cape. Also there is Petty Officer First Class Diana Prince, Captain Steve Trevor, and Etta Candy! They suspect Fifth Columnist Nazi agents are at the auction. Finlay and Ra’s bid, but Finlay wins the two book set. The Nazi agents attempt to steal the book, but they are stopped by League of Shadow assassins! Young Bruce and Talia are hiding when they see Diana Prince transform into Wonder Woman, it’s epic! She catches a Nazi pulling a Luger with her Lasso of Truth and Trevor knocks him out. Etta takes out the remaining Nazi with a valuable Ming vase. Thomas Wayne doesn’t care about it’s value. The kids have found Finlay and Bruce shows the bookcase secret passage so they can escape. Talia throws a gas vial to confuse the Nazi soldiers. Back at the party, Etta reassures the Waynes, Ra’s is confident his daughter will take care of the situation, Wonder Woman heads out to the hedge maze outside to cut the chase! The adventures continue hopefully we will see the Inter-Agency Defense Command Wonder Woman meeting with the older Batman and Robin, hopefully with Debra Winger Wonder Girl. This is the most perfect comic book! On DC digital, they are up to issue #5.  So I’m waiting for a Superman `55 Meets Batman `66 and Wonder Woman `77! Five Tiaras and Batarangs out of Five!