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Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Review!

By Lil’ Yoda,


Before we get started, I feel like I should address the elephant in the room. Marvel vs DC. Being the largest comic book providers they are constantly compared, especially their movies. However, I’m not going to do that. The simple fact is, when one looks at them from an impartial point of view, people usually come to the same conclusion. Marvel and DC both have their strong points, and weak points, but should be appreciated simply for what they are. That being the case, comparing Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice to any Marvel movie is moot. We should just appreciate it for what it is.


Let’s start with Batman V. Superman‘s the strong points. It was important set-up for future DC movies. If nothing else, it served it’s purpose for helping set up the DC Comics Expanded Universe. Warner Brothers can now move on to other bigger projects with a basic universe set up. Secondly, the cinematography. Every shot, every angle; everything from the lighting to the sound mad me feel like I was in an art museum. It was nothing sort of gorgeous, and in a film full of super-sized brawls, that beauty is needed. Next is the acting. Every single actor killed it in this movie. Everyone, Ben Affleck (Batman), Henry Cavill (Superman), Jesse Eisenberg (Lex Luthor) and beyond, all presented an interesting mix of fresh takes on the characters and the classic comic versions of themselves. Finally, I have to give props to costuming and effects. The effects were great throughout most of the film, and Wonder Woman (Gal Godot)’s costume is something I look forward to trying to recreate myself.


Now for the bad. The plot and writing overall was a mess. One giant disjointed mess. There was little to no build up in scenes where we could have had some very interesting character interactions. Speaking of characters, if I weren’t a comic book fan, I wouldn’t have cared about them at all. I cared about Superman and Batman because of the legacy they carry, not because of who they are in the film. To conclude, I feel like recent DC films are a bit like modern art. Some may find them beautiful, some may even find deeper meaning; however, most will only see a chaotic mess. Three out of five stars.