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Black Panther #1 Review!

Jondee here at the Golden City,


It seems like Marvel and DC are rebooting their universes every two years. This does allow them to introduce new titles. Black Panther has some MCU pull now with his appearance in Captain America: Civil War played by Chadwick Boseman. So it looks like it’s the Marvel Cinematic Back to Comic Book Universe. The other news with this title is the writer, Ta-Nehisi Coates, writer and journalist for The Atlantic, add in comic book writer. The other creator on the title is Brian Stelfreeze, known for his cover work for many comics, now also interior artist. Black Panther is of course a creation by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby introduced in Fantastic Four #52 (1966). The summary brings readers up to speed with Wakanda, the utopia, having to pick itself up after the flood brought up Namor in Avengers versus X-Men, a coup led by Doctor Doom in Secret Wars, and an invasion by Thanos during the Infinity storyline. T’Challa was comatose after an attack by Doom in Secret Invasion and his sister Shuri took over as Black Panther. She is seemingly killed by the Cabal, but her brother is working to keep her alive. Black Panther was revitalized with the “Who is the Black Panther?” storyline by writer/producer Reginald Hudlin and John Romita, Jr.


The cover by Stelfreeze has the new outfit of the Black Panther in front of the burning Wakandan flags in the Golden City. Three panels show T’Challa cast out by family and allies. Then, we get the Great Mound that contains the country’s vibranium supply. His guard strikes back at the rioting miners. T’Challa activates the Black Panther suit which envelops him with techno-pieces like Iron Man. He senses the presence of a woman inciting the riot. He uses his power to toss away the miners and tracks the woman through a greenish trail which he says comes from the soul, but loses the scent. In the Golden City, testimony is given for Aneka by her fellow guard Ano, the captain of the Dora Milaje, she tries to reason with a chieftain who lifts up his robe to village girl prisoners. Finally, she kills him with her spear and sentenced to death. This verdict is given by Mother, the title given to Ramonda, the second wife of T’Challa’s father. The woman is using the pent up frustrations of the Wakandas to rage. The Nigandan Border Region has an army ready to take over Wakanda. Aneka is broken out of the Fort Hahn prison by Ano, who has the Midnight Angel battle suit prototypes. Aneka is wounded in the escape and dons the battle suit. At the Necropolis, T’Challa is trying to revive his sister Shuri, but has failed. Impressive world building, there was effort to build up Wakanda as a utopia, but now we find internal threats about to rip it and the Black Panther apart. The art work by Stelfreeze moves from silhouettes to detailed crowd and action scenes. Four Wakandan Beads out of Five!