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Should You Buy Battlefront 2?

With free DLC about to drop a lot of geeks might be wondering if Battlefront 2 is worth purchasing. The game suffered in sales thanks to the unfortunate side effect of the fiasco the game faced in its first days of release. You can read about that here. Despite the rumors being false and EA quick to rectify any issues fans had, I’ve still heard A lot of people regurgitate the same misinformation they initially heard about the games “pay-to-play” format and unrealistic character unlock goals.
The full game is still not out yet so I will save a full review for later but I will give you my recommendation now just in case some of you have been “on the fence”.


In short, Yes. You SHOULD go out and get the game now! If you are a Star Wars fan and want to play an immersive single player Star Wars Storyline, then go out and get the game. If you enjoyed Battlefront I, you’ll like the improvements, go out to get the game now. If you want to support EA, a solid game company who has had hits across multiple genres, buy the game. EA’s stock prices actually fell due to that Nerds rumor. A drop in stock means less games being made and that leads to job loss. Way to go Nerd!
Battlefront 2 is a solid game. Don’t listen to the rumors!

To be as direct as possible, No, it will not take you 40 hours to unlock characters. No, you do not have to pay anything extra to unlock extra features. None of this has been true since the first 48 hours of the games release almost a month ago. The DLC is FREE. ’nuff said about that.

The single play mission is fun, difficult, and goes behind the scenes of the Star Wars universe and gives us a glimpse into what happened after return of the Jedi and how the new trilogy is connected.
Multiplayer is fast-paced and never boring. Multiple classes, unlock goals, and weapon choices and mods. There is a lot to keep the game interesting and fun.
Starfighter assault has improved flight controls, more vehicles, and way better graphics then the first Battlefront. Space combat is a staple in the Star Wars Universe and the Devs really got it right with BF2!


The Game play spans across all three trilogies including the Clone Wars, Roger Roger! I’ll do an more in depth review of the entire Battlefront 2 experience in the coming weeks once the second half of the game is released. You won’t be disappointed.  Battlefront 2 is worth every penny! Go out and get the game now. Click on the banner link on our site to support Geeks doing geeky things and Enjoy the Last Jedi! NO SPOILERS!