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Day 1 of the Los Angeles Comic Convention!

Jondee here at the Los Angeles Convention Center,


Saturday was for me day 1, the con started on Friday, October 28th. The convention opened with lines around the convention center. There were a few first time con goers. I think the crowd flow was good, you could get where you wanted to go, some aisles were crowded, but still no problem. It wasn’t confined, elbow to elbow, and there were some fun costumes, but mostly it was Negans from The Walking Dead. I saw many young cosplayers dressed as the guests. A good part of my day was going around to the autograph booths and artists. I first saw Shannon Lee at the booth with artist Brandon McKinney and both were signing the Bruce Lee: The Dragon Rises comic. I then went to pick up autographs from the Teen Titans Go! voice actors for my niece; Greg Cipes, who did a great prayer pose, then Tara Strong who was able to make the con and was even dressed as Raven!, of course Hayden Walch, and Scott Menville who recognized me from an earlier signing.


Then, I headed over to the other side of the autograph section where I saw Shannon Farnon who voiced Wonder Woman in Superfriends and the most interesting part was seeing the granddaughter of the creator of Wonder Woman, William Moulton Marston. She said the book on her grandfather, The Secret History of Wonder Woman (2015) was untrue. There was a big line for Kevin Conroy, his fans were happy, he should be every con! Also, big lines for all of the Batman actors; Adam West, Burt Ward, and Julie Newmar among others. So now we had the Geek Speak TV panel. Hosting the panel was Patrick Moore and Patrick Estrada. The attending guests were returning Melissa Doss Diwa and Bill Ratner with new guests Kat Sheridan and later Chandra Chang. Patrick Moore noted that Kat Sheridan did a voice in Star Wars: The Force Awakens and she explained that it was a voice for a stormtrooper! Melissa Doss Diwa explained about working on projects for the Jim Henson Company. Bill Ratner discussed the G.I. Joe convention and he was dressed as a zombie Flint! Chandra Chang arrived and talked about The Boondocks and writing episodes of Black Jesus for Adult Swim. The panel was loaded on the youtube page and individual interviews were conducted at the Geek Speak TV booth. The con continues tomorrow!