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Day 2 Celebration Europe – Anthony Daniels!

Jedi Jondee here in London (via live stream),


The audience for the Anthony Daniels was cautioned about asking questions about the red arm in Force Awakens even though this was revealed in the C-3PO #1 by James Robinson and Tony Harris. All of the main stage panels were moderated by Warwick Davis. There was an intro of all of his fantasy and sci fi roles including the Ricky Gervais programs. The intro, was just down by a Disc Ejected on screen. Anthony Davis was walking through the crowd, but his mike was also off and he made his way to the stage. They complained about his intro. Then clips were shown of 3PO throughout the Star Wars films. Then, Davis brought Daniels back on stage to the screen, Anthony Daniels without protocol. He joked off stage, “Keep telling me I’m in the bloody films.” He came out in his gold jacket. He wound up a red cloth around his arm! There was a large Wicket figure on Davis’ desk, a coffee cup with a British flag, and what looks like an Ewok audio tape. He begun the show with the game, “R2-D-Who?”, he showed R2’s head over Padme’s face. Davis asked bout how sweaty it was to be in the costume and going to the toilet. Daniels answered “Quite sweaty” and “Thinking of higher things.” He went into the audience and brought out a young lady, Amy, to sit at Davis’ seat! She asked, “What does R2 say to him to force him to hit him on the head?” Daniels answered that R2 uses language not suitable for the audience. Next, she asked his favorite of the seven. Davis added how difficult it was to ask questions of Daniels.


Davis then brought up Episode Seven and Daniels said, “It felt like the old days.” Davis asked about being behind the costume and Daniels replied about getting noticed. He mentioned having 3PO on his spouse’s picture on his passport. Daniels brought up the Holiday Special. Next, he explained that the costume is made of seventeen pieces. “Daniels remarked, I think he got more 3PO as the movies went on.” Davis showed a clip of 3PO falling over a screen and then in slow motion. He explained that a black scrim was put up to block the green screen without him knowing. Next, Davis wanted to learn how to be a droid and they brought up five audience members. They were asked about how to move like a robot, he was stunned at the men pretending to be robots. The arms out was “It was like going for a wee.” The young boy impressed Daniels. The first man shuffled across, Daniels remarked, “He’s malfunctioning!” Warwick Davis was amazed that Daniels forgot 3PO’s line. Davis gave them all Wicket pins which he says were exclusive. The winner, the boy, was going to recreate a scene for “Stage Wars.” the scene with Uncle Owen at the sand crawler was shown. There was one fellow dressed as a Jawa, but no other cosplayers in the audience. The man playing the Jawa was towering, Daniels had to tell him “Jawas are quite small” so the man went on his knees. The lady playing the exploding R4 got into it. The q&a included a question about polishing the costume, also posed by Davis was “Do you need a buffer?” He had to turn and laugh. Daniels said that in the oil bath scene, Hamill gave him a cloth, and Daniels said he was drying himself during a scene. Daniels explained the story from a copy of the comic book. A dramatic reading. He finished with tying the red cloth on Warwick’s arm.