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DC All Access: Justice League, Black Lightning, DC Animation 10th anniversary and more

DC All Access is back talking some of your favorite comics. DCAA talked to some of the people behind some of DC ANIMATION’S best movies for the 10th anniversary and took an exclusive look at the anniversary collection. Explore the JUSTICE LEAGUE tie-in to the new Dark Knight Metal. Additionally, DCAA host talked with writer Tony Isabella about his approach to the new BLACK LIGHTNING miniseries.


DC ANIMATION: Inside the 10th Anniversary Collection
Over the past ten years, DC’s animated movies have taken us to the New Frontier and to the Throne of Atlantis. We’ve gone Under the Red Hood, have faced a Crisis on Two-Earths and staved off a Doomsday and Apocalypse. Now celebrating its 10th Anniversary, the DC Universe Original Movies have represented super hero storytelling at its best, and are now being celebrated with a beautiful 30-film anniversary collection. DC All Access goes one-on-one with some of the people behind the movies, while getting an exclusive look at what’s included with the collection. So, who’s up for a weekend marathon?Justice League – Batman Comic Book Origins

JUSTICE LEAGUE Imprisoned in Nightmare Batcaves + More News
Halloween may be over, but if you think the terror has ended, think again! The Justice League has been trapped by the evil Dark Knights in the newest Metal tie-in, plus Deadman returns in a comic written and drawn by the legendary Neal Adams. Plus, we unbox the latest from Funko’s Legion of Collectors, dip into the brand new Jetsons comic, break the law with Batman and help Jason Inman kick off the Jawiin Comic Drive for Soldiers with DC Publisher Dan DiDio.

BLACK LIGHTNING Reinvented in New Miniseries
There’s a new Black Lightning on the stands…emphasis on “new.” Black Lightning: Cold Dead Hands is Jefferson Pierce as you’ve never seen him before, reimagined from the ground up by the man that helped to create him in the first place. DC All Access talks to writer Tony Isabella about bringing Black Lightning back into the spotlight, what changes he brought to the character and why he feels Clayton Henry is the perfect artist for the series.

#DCTV: Diggle Is Green Arrow & Legends w/ Tala Ashe

Diggle’s the Green Arrow, Supergirl’s newest admirers are taking thing’s a bit TOO far and we don’t even know where to begin about what’s happening on Legends of Tomorrow this week. Which is why we’re talking to Tala Ashe (Zari Tomaz) about it! She fills us in on this week’s nostalgic trip into Ray Palmer’s past while letting us know what’s ahead for her just introduced character. Plus, we read off some of our favorite answers to last week’s question! Is one of them yours?